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Content and Community Developer

Needed: Content and Community Developer for our Lima office

Note: Please read our ad carefully, as we are not searching for what many people would see as a typical marketing specialist. Please ensure you send both a CV and cover letter.

Latin America for Less, LLC, a US-incorporated company based in Lima, Peru, is looking for a Content and Community Developer for our Lima office. We are looking for an English-language educated professional with a background in Liberal Arts/Humanities, and the ability to lead our Outreach & Content Development projects that serve as the public face of our company.

The position requires a creative and social media savvy individual with a well-rounded education, in addition to a good eye for the visual arts, who is able to execute ideas, and lead projects. Experience in content development and social media management will be considered a big plus. Please also have a look at this guide – if reading this excites you and/or sounds familiar, then that’s a good thing.

We want a professional who will be able to manage and further develop our Outreach, Social media and SEO strategy.

Our firm has a marketing and web development team of 9. We all have different skills that complement each other, some more tech focused than others. The successful candidate will have technical assistance from our team. Here are some of the tasks that would be required:

  • Developing an outreach strategy that focuses on organic, owned and earned, results
  • Ensuring that content and web architecture is fully optimized for generating quality organic traffic
  • Managing Latin America for Less social media channels – structure, content, and performance

Any previous work that can reflect your ability to develop what was outlined in the previous paragraph will be considered a big plus. Sample work should include links to previous sites and/or platforms that you personally developed or managed.

While the above experience is valuable, our ideal candidate is one who also has an ongoing thirst for knowledge and expanding his/her horizons. To be explicit: you will be able to understand what engages and serves our customer needs, as well as demonstrate a continual interest in learning about our services, platforms and key destinations.

How to Apply

Please review the information, and if you feel you are qualified for this position, send a copy of your CV/resume, writing samples (and/or other creative projects), and cover letter detailing your interest and qualifications to (please also copy

Please send examples of previous work along with your current CV.

Skills we look for

  • Excellent written English, including Creative Writing
  • Leadership
  • Curiosity and drive for constant learning
  • Ability to connect the dots, and lead to a great User Experience for our clients
  • Appreciation of visual arts
  • Understanding of engaging content: textual and visual

Other Requirements

  • At least 1.5 years attending an English-speaking university (Required)
  • Bachelor’s degree (or higher) from an English-language university (Preferred)
  • Above average GPA; Liberal Arts/Humanities background preferred
  • Native English speaker (or equivalent level of writing and speaking)
  • Strong work ethic and personal motivation
  • Strong writing and editing skills
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Knowledge – at minimum basic, with an interest in learning rapidly
  • Knowledge and understanding of Social Media platforms
  • Ability to quickly understand and contribute to our company’s voice and objective
  • 18-month minimum commitment


  • Creating content and outreach strategy
  • Prospective candidate should feel fully comfortable that she/he can execute marketing goals and delegate responsibilities when necessary
  • You will lead and coordinate with content and design team on projects, and must be able to
    • Choose eye-catching photos
    • Write/edit website copy.
    • Monitor and understand performance of website, social channels, and overall SEO

After 4 months in the company, we hope you will be able to lead such projects. In meeting these goals, you will have the assistance of a team of professional web developers, graphic designers, writers, and programmers.

Job Benefits and Environment

  • Opportunities for growth, and managerial responsibilities
  • Ability to work for a leading travel company with the best testimonials in the market offering travel services to over 2,500 customers each year.
  • You will be part of a young, fun, and dynamic international team and work in a bilingual environment.
  • Opportunities for further training and professional growth.
  • We work under a serious but comfortable work environment; no dress code.
  • Travel discounts, holidays off, and 4 weeks paid vacation per years.
  • Yearly salary for the position ranges between $18,000 – $30,000 based on previous experience and skills.

Equal Opportunity

Latin America for Less, LLC does not discriminate against anyone based on race, religion, gender, social background, or sexual orientation. We expect every member of our staff to be like-minded in working toward a society with equal opportunity.

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