The best beach destinations in Argentina


The best beach destinations in Argentina

Argentina is an extraordinarily eclectic country, where myriad attractions await the traveler. Whether you are looking for city scenes, in the beautiful and cosmopolitan capital, Buenos Aires; countryside in the lush landscapes of the Mendoza region; pristine nature in the glacial landscapes of Patagonia; or relaxing times on some beautiful white sand beaches, Argentina has it.

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The Famous Mar del Plata Beach Resort

With an extensive coastline running along the Atlantic Ocean, Argentina boasts some excellent beaches that will thrill everyone, from nature lovers and party goers to the most discriminative travelers. There is a wide range of beaches featuring distinct characteristics to suit all tastes: highly urbanized 24-hour party resorts, complete wilderness, and private spa retreats, Argentina has a beach for everyone.

Here is a selection of some of the best beaches in the country, where you are assured to have a blast whatever your interests are:

Probably the most famous in the country, and the first you will hear about, Mar del Plata is a favorite among locals and foreigners alike. Built in 1874, the country’s oldest beach resort features about 17 kilometers of beautiful beaches along the coastline, and is surrounded by picturesque landscapes of rolling hills. Bear in mind that this is one of the top vacation destination for Argentineans, so summer months can get pretty crowded.

If you are looking for some activity and 24 hour partying, and don’t mind sharing your spot on the beach, this is the perfect beach. There is plenty of choice for restaurants, bars and nightclubs in this resort, so rest assured, you will not be bored! The trendiest restaurants and shopping are found on Playa Grande, and if you want a more chilled out experience, head out to Playa Punta Mogotes.

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The Upscale Pinamar Beach

One of the most luxurious beach resorts in the country, Pinamar is the perfect destination for travelers looking for relaxation and calm, while still wanting to enjoy the maximum level of comfort. Designer stores, gourmet restaurants, boutique hotels, luxury spas, and white sand beaches await you in Pinamar. This is a popular destination for the wealthy that are looking to get pampered for a few days. A favorite among the Argentinean elite, and a must if you are looking for luxury and serenity, away from the masses of tourists, Carilo offers amazing cabins secluded among the foliage away from the eye, and stunning private beaches.

For a more laid back atmosphere, and a fun vacation, head to Quequen, home to dreadlocks, paragliders and party-goers. With wide beaches and consistent wind, this sleepy beach town is a paradise for surfers, and even boasts a great surfing school for the beginners among you. Relax sipping on a cocktail and enjoying fresh fish at the restaurants located directly on the beach. Make sure to stop by “Jamming”, a hostel also serving as the only nightlife destination in town.

For those who want to avoid tourists and enjoy nature at its wildest, Pehuen Co is the destination. This spot filled with natural, untouched beaches is ideal for adventure travelers. You are unlikely to cross anyone’s path as you relax on the beach. Be aware that accommodations and facilities are sparse in the area, so come prepared.

For more information on Argentina’s excellent beach scene and for other Argentina travel opportunities, contact one of our knowledgeable Argentina travel advisors.


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