Changes to payment of reciprocity fee in Argentina

Since 2009, citizens of the Canada and Australia arriving to Buenos Aires, Argentina, by airport have been required to pay a reciprocity fee.
by Anabel Mota

Updated September 2016

Citizens of Canada and Australia arriving to Argentina are required to pay a reciprocity fee. This tax, also known as the airport entry fee, was previously payable in cash and was collected when passing through Immigrations.

UPDATE: Effective August 23rd 2016, U.S. citizens are EXEMPT from paying a reciprocity fee to enter Argentina for tourist or business purposes. The $160 USD reciprocity was initially suspended on 24 March 2106 and is now made permanent by Presidential Decree. 

Payment Changes

  • Canadian and Australian travelers must pay the reciprocity fee via an online payment system and with a credit card BEFORE embarking on an international flight to Buenos Aires.
  • Fee increases
    • Canadian passport holders will pay $75 US (up from $70 US) for a single entry or $150 US (unchanged) for a multiple entries.
    • The fee for Australian passport holders remains unchanged at $100 US, good for 1 year for unlimited entries.

Here is the text explaining the new on-line payment procedure:

Important Points

You’ll need a credit card to make the payment. If you go to the Migraciones website, you’ll be direct to the Provincia Pagos website. You have to register and create a login identity before making the payment.

Payment: How to pay visa and reciprocity fees for Argentina

The reciprocity fee is not a visa. Instead, this is a tax levied on travelers who want to enter the country for the purpose of business or tourism. The rationale behind the fee is that since the Canada and Australia all charge citizens of Argentina a similar fee (merely to apply for a visa; payment of the fee is only obtains the applicant an interview and does not guarantee that a tourist visa will be issued), then citizens of these countries listed should also pay a tax “in reciprocity.”

Entry fees & Visas in other South American countries:

If you are a U.S. citizen, keep in mind that other South American countries also require visas or payment of entry fees, as follows:

Chile- $140 US entry fee if arriving to the international airport in Santiago. If arriving to a different airport or overland, no entry fee is charged.

Brazil- $180 US for a visa, plus a processing fee or service charge depending on how you apply (online, by mail, or in person at a consulate).

Bolivia- $135 US for a visa, valid for 90 days over 5 years. For travel to Bolivia, you can obtain a visa via your closest consulate or at the border.

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