Argentina: Buenos Aires travel tips

Having been to many cities throughout the world, Aleks has seen it all, but there will always be a special place in his heart for beautiful Buenos Aires.
tango, Buenos Aires
Red is for the sultry details of tango in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Aleks, our Destinations Manager at Latin America For Less, has a pretty cool job, throughout the year he travels to all our South America destinations to check out our tours and hotels to make sure they are up to par. Though before arriving at LAFL, Aleks had extensive travel experience, he grew up in Europe and traveled throughout the regions before heading to South America. As of today, Aleks has traveled to more than 30 cities in South America alone!

Having been to many cities throughout the world, Aleks has seen it all, but there will always be a special place in his heart for the beautiful Buenos Aires, Argentina. Aleks’s love for the city can be seen as he shares his Buenos Aires travel experience, which takes us through the city’s many neighborhoods, parks, and hotspots. He also threw in plenty of insider tips for the perfect Buenos Aires trip from must see sights to food recommendations, for a Buenos Aires travel tale that has it all!

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Make a stop in the center of Buenos Aires to get view of the famous Obelisk.

During his Argentina vacation, Aleks spent most of his time in Buenos Aires experiencing the city’s culture in the many diverse neighborhoods of the city. A Buenos Aires city tour will take you through the areas, which Aleks explored, and provides you with the history behind each district.

Aleks explored San Telmo, where cobblestone streets are filled with artists and street performers and the plaza hosts a unique market. He recommends visiting this area on a Sunday because it is especially lively! Aleks also suggests spending some time in Palermo Soho, as “this awesome neighborhood has plenty of excellent shops, restaurants, bars, and designer hotels.” Palermo is also the perfect place to escape the bustling city feel, as it has over 350 acres of lakes, wooded areas and parks.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Aleks visited the Botanical Gardens, a great place to find some peace and quiet in Buenos Aires.

Another one of the reasons Aleks loves Buenos Aires is because of its excellent food, wine, and nightlife, which he describes as second to none in all of South America.  Describing the city as a “food and wine lover’s paradise,” he recommends trying the Argentinean asado(barbecue) paired with a Malbec wine from the nearby Mendoza region, and for desert eating a delicious Alfajor. By just walking the streets and popping into cafes, Aleks found some great snacks, including many varieties of empanadas and some excellent pizza slices.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Experience the art of the Tango during your Buenos Aires travel.

Buenos Aires is also famous for the Tango and Aleks was able to enjoy a few small scale Tango shows during his time in the city.  Though this dance isn’t something Aleks sees himself mastering anytime soon, he appreciates the talent of the dancers. He describes the dance as “amazing” explaining that, “The dancers carried it out to perfection! It seemed effortless for them as they moved around with ease.” A Tango show or catching one of the many Tango festivals throughout the year is the perfect way to get a feel for the culture of Buenos Aires, a “must-do” suggestion from Aleks.

From conversing and getting to know the locals to exploring the sights and streets of the city, Aleks enjoyed his time in the city. He explains, “Buenos Aires has something for everyone,” making it the perfect destination for your Argentina vacation.