Insider tips for your Mendoza Tour

Mendoza, in northern Argentina, is surrounded by striking mountain landscapes and filled with vineyards.
Mendoza vineyard, Argentina
Mendoza vineyard, Argentina

A destination included in many Argentina travel itineraries, Mendoza, can be found in the northern part of the country near the border of Chile. Nestled in the striking mountain landscapes, the Mendoza region is filled with vineyards and orchards, providing stunning scenery for all visitors. Many members of the LAFL family have enjoyed the flavorful wine, spectacular vistas, and seemingly endless outdoor adventures that can be found in Mendoza. Benefit from the variety of recommendations and suggestions our team has compiled to help you plan your trip to Mendoza.

There are many ways to travel to Mendoza. The flight from Buenos Aires, which is a two hour trip or the shorter one hour flight from Santiago are both common for travelers. However those looking for a scenic journey should follow the advice of our Project Manager, Tim. “Take the bus!” This bus he so enthusiastically recommends takes travelers from Santiago to Mendoza via a route through the Andes. This drive takes approximately seven hours, all of which are filled with gorgeous scenery. Though many find bus travel a little daunting, Tim explains, “The route to Mendoza was absolutely incredible. During the ascent you will get some beautiful mountain views and as you descend on the Argentina side you will come upon the vast vineyards of Mendoza.”

Mendoza, Argentina travel

Enjoy the stunning mountain backdrop which surrounds the Mendoza region during your trip to Argentina.

Upon arrival in Mendoza travelers will have a plethora of options for their exploration. Sofia, an Operations Coordinator at LAFL, had the opportunity to live in the Mendoza region where she worked at a winery. It is easy to see the passion Sofia has for this part of Argentina as she describes the scenery, gives tips on the best wineries, and must do activities.

First of all Sofia wants to set the record straight, “Mendoza offers more than just wine.” Though it is known as the wine capital of Argentina, Mendoza’s location and mountain surroundings make this area perfect for a variety of travelers. This region is the ideal base for outdoor adventures including whitewater rafting, paragliding, and biking excursions. Sofia was able to partake in many of these activities, highly recommending paragliding from the Andes or the whitewater rafting through the Mendoza River’s rolling rapids.

Mendoza wine tour, Argentina travel

A Mendoza wine tour allows travelers to enjoy the many great wines grown in the region.

Sofia also knows her wine. Having worked at a vineyard in the region, she recommends all travelers experience the area’s variety of bodegas on a Mendoza wine tour. Though there are group tours available, Sofia recommends travelers opt for a private tour. “Private tours allow the visitors to have more freedom. These tours really give you more one-on-one attention and allow you to ask questions, explore the vineyards more, and truly it is a better experience all around.”

Tim on the other hand recommends the Mendoza bike tours. The tour allows travelers to rent a bike and a helmet then travel from vineyard to vineyard. Map in hand travelers can visit an array of wineries while enjoying a glass of wine at each stop. This is also a great way to enjoy the natural beauty of the region. Tim suggests that travelers who are looking for a fun and inexpensive outdoor adventure try a bike to wine tour.

Another great tip is to enjoy a lunch after your wine tasting. Many of the vineyards offer a set menu of Argentinean fare at the end of their tour. Sofia worked at Familia Zuccardi which is known for having amazing wine but apart from that extremely delicious food. The Zuccardi tour, which takes you through the wine process and wine tasting, culminates with a multiple course Argentinean meal. Each course is paired with a Zuccardi blend, and truly highlights not only Mendoza’s wine but also Argentinean cuisine. Another great destination for food and wine is at Cava de Cano. The house which was once home to the governor provides the perfect ambiance for enjoying the seemingly endless food and wine served to guests during their visit.

Mendoza wine tour, Argentina travel

Sofia captured this beautiful sunset while she was living and working at a Mendoza vineyard.

Those who are really interested in wine should look into staying at one of Mendoza’s vineyard accommodations. Having lived on a vineyard during her time in Mendoza, Sofia explains, “Staying on a vineyard will give you a more in-depth experience and allow for continued exploration, after all other visitors are gone.” She also mentions that by staying on a vineyard you can capture the beautiful Mendoza sunset. Though the vineyard lodges are beautiful, there are also plenty of fine places to stay within the city. These hotels provide easy access to the city’s many restaurants and shops.

Wine, adventure, and impressive scenery combine to make Mendoza a destination for all travelers. To learn more about including a Mendoza tour into your Argentina travel plan, contact one of our travel advisors today.