Audrey Scott of Uncornered Market shares her top South American highlights

Uncornered Market is one of the Internet’s most popular travel blogs. Ambitious world travelers Daniel Noll and Audrey Scott have been on the road for the last 4 years
Peruvian sandwiches - Peru For Less
Peru is known throughout South America and the world for its exceptionally developed and varied gastronomy. You can’t miss out on a fresh plate of ceviche or hearty meat sandwich during your Peru vacation!

Uncornered Market is one of the Internet’s most popular travel blogs. Ambitious world travelers Daniel Noll and Audrey Scott have been on the road for the last 4 years, going through more than 65 countries, including some truly off the beaten path destinations such as Iran. Most recently in 2011, the pair traveled through much of Southeast Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa, indulging in the color and spirit the world has to offer while sharing their most fabulous stories and photos with their online audience.

Despite all the things they have seen and done, Audrey tells us that their time spent in South America remains some of the most treasured memories. Here she shares some of her nostalgia and tips for traveling on the continent, hoping to inspire everyone to go see it for themselves.

Peru market - Peru For Less

The fragrant smells, colorful displays, and mingling local population found in South American food markets often make for eye-opening travel experiences.

1. What aspect of travel in South America has continued to be most memorable to you? The landscapes? The people? Aspects of the culture? The architecture? etc.

Most memorable has to be the people, of course. We have wonderful memories of getting lost in lively local markets learning about local foods and dishes from vendors. Landscape comes in as a close second. Some of our favorite landscapes include the salt flats (Salar de Uyuni) in Bolivia, Patagonian mountains and glaciers in Chile (Torres del Paine) and Argentina (El Chalten), mountains throughout Peru and Ecuador.

2. Have you had a chance to visit the 2 South American destinations that have recently been honored as part of the New 7 Natural Wonders of the world: the Amazon Rainforest and Iguazu Falls? In what ways did they strike you?

We were at the edge of the Amazon Rainforest while in Bolivia and Peru but didn’t actually go into the Amazon. It’s still on our wishlist!

As for Iguazu Falls, we were blown away. We’re usually jaded when it comes to waterfalls, but Iguazu is like no other waterfall we’ve seen – it’s awesome to feel the mist from the falls on you and really feel the power of the water.

Iguazu Falls, Brazil, Argentina - Latin America For Less

“Iguazu Falls is like no other waterfall we’ve seen.”

3. If you had the chance to return to Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, or Chile tomorrow, which would you choose and why?

Oooh, tough question! If I could only choose one, it would have to be Peru because we missed visiting Arequipa and trekking in Huayhuash during our last visit.

4. Which South American destination would you suggest to the nature lover? The urban city explorer?

For the nature lover, I’d suggest the Patagonian area of Chile, especially the northern areas near the Carretera Austral. We had the chance to travel quickly through there and not only was the landscape stunning, but there was no one around. It would be the perfect escape for a nature lover.

The 4-day journey from Tupiza to Uyuni going through the salt flats was also incredible; the colors were just surreal at times.

As for the urban city explorer, I’d suggest Buenos Aires for cosmopolitan, La Paz for funky, Quito for colonial beauty, Lima for food, and Santiago for markets and laid back feel.

5. Peru, and particularly Lima, has been earning spots on countless 2012 Gastronomy Capital honors in recent months. Where did you best enjoy food in South America?

Definitely Lima. We spent over three weeks there and could have stayed longer just to eat more Peruvian food. Loved the fresh seafood dishes like ceviche and tiradito, but also enjoyed causa, rocoto relleno, and so much more. Also, the fresh juices in Peru were addictive (and very cheap)!