The Wine Trails of North Argentina

When you think of wine in Argentina, Mendoza springs immediately to mind. We introduce you to Salta, the new top producer of Argentina’s national drink.

Brazil Travel: Carnival in Bahia & Recife

There are many reasons to travel to Brazil for Carnival and NOT go to Rio de Janeiro, host to the most popular celebration.

Water Fight! The Andean Roots of Carnival in Ecuador

Experience Ecuador’s Carnival and you can expect to get wet – juegos de agua (water games) take center stage in 8 days of wild celebrations!

Brazil celebrates Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, but also Salvador de Bahia, Recife, Paraty, and other cities.

South America Travel: An Introduction to Carnival

Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro has achieved fame as the world’s biggest party. Celebrated in February, it’s a festival with roots in Catholic religion.

Feijoada picture, Sao Paulo, Brazil tours

A quick guide to dining in São Paulo

São Paulo is a high energy city known for the diversity of cultures that it brings together.

cusco masks

Insider tips for your stay in Cusco

Our travel experts share their best tips so that you can make the best of your time in Peru’s beautiful city of Cusco.

Castro Palafitos, Chiloe tour

Discover the magic of Chiloé in Chile

Chiloé is a magical archipelago, located 1000 km (600 miles) south of Santiago, with a wholly unique cultural heritage that sets it apart.

Lares trek, Laguna Aruraycocha

A Peru travel tale: Encounters along the high mountain passes of Lares

I had the chance to go on the Lares trek, an amazing experience, and words and pictures cannot capture the beauty of the highland mountains and its people.

Tropical Guayaquil, Ecuador travel highlight

Guayaquil prides itself on its cosmopolitan offerings: a boardwalk which has become a principal node for tourism and commerce.