Women dressed in traditional clothing of the region for Easter in Peru

Celebrating Easter in Peru

Explore Semana Santa traditions, typical Easter food, and regional ceremonies throughout Peru

Enjoy a beach-side New Year's Eve celebration in Chile. Photo from Davidlohr Bueso/ Wikimedia Commons

Top New Year’s Eve destinations for your South America vacation

South America offers travelers warm weather and an electric party scene to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

The Uros, floating artificial islands made of woven totora reeds.

The Mystical Waters of Lake Titicaca

Travel to Peru and visit Lake Titicaca, one of the country’s most popular tourist attractions as the highest navigable lake in the world.

The Iguazu Falls from the Argentina side

Visiting the Iguazu Falls

The perfect addition to any Latin America travel itinerary must include a once in a lifetime trip to Iguazu Falls which promise to impress any traveler.

Chilean Carmenere

Chile’s drinks: Vino tinto and terremoto

Chile is a wine superpower, the fifth largest exporter of wines in the world and the eighth largest producer. We try and test out different Chilean wines.

Typical Ecuador Chicha Bowl

Drinking canelazo and chicha in Ecuador

You will encounter two very popular drinks in Ecuador – canelazo and chicha. Visiting the high Andes, a warm drink such as these on a cold night hits the spot.

Breathtaking Colonia del Sacramento

Arriving to Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay

The charming city of Colonia del Sacramento on Uruguay’s Río de la Plata is home to rich history and beautiful architecture.

The Moai Statues in Easter Island

Discovering Easter Island

We explore the most remote island in the world – Easter Island – a Polynesian island in the southeastern Pacific Ocean, in the Polynesian Triangle.

Flying over the desert of Peru and looking down on the Spider Nazca Line.

Visiting the Mysterious Nazca Lines in Peru

Peru is home to perhaps one of the world’s greatest mysteries, the Nazca Lines.