A money exchanger in Lima. Photo by La Voz FM

How to avoid fake currency in Peru

One of the most common ways for visitors to get swindled when they arrive in a new country is by means of fake currency.

Tam Anh with her boots off at Machu Picchu Photo courtesy of Tam Anh

Traveler Testimonial: Take off your boots and relax

Can you read a testimony like Tam-Anh’s and not be inspired to travel?

The Amazon River near sunrise. Photo by Funzik

CNN names Amazon Best River in the world for tourism

Using the criteria of scenic beauty, nature and wildlife, culture, adventure and activity options, CNN names Amazon best river.

Sunrise over Sugarloaf Mountain from Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro. Photo by Flavio Veloso

Photo of the Week: Morning in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is a city that has a little bit of everything: great weather, friendly people, and marvelous attractions.

Playing with perspective: Silvana Z crosses the divide in Bolivia

Silvana Z., one of our very own Latin America for Less Travel Advisors and an expert traveler, recently returned from her trip around Bolivia.

Celebrating the Day of the Dead in the Andes

Peru and Bolivia are two Andean countries that celebrate the Day of the Dead in November, a celebration that blends Catholic traditions with Andean rituals.

Film Title: Diarios De Motocicleta.

Celebrities and Famous People at Machu Picchu (Photos)

Here’s a look at a few of the celebrities who have visited Machu Picchu.

Percy Valladares making is way to the Cerro Campana. Photo by Victor Corcuera Cueva

Man of Chan Chan, Protector of the Campana

Meet the man who won’t stop fighting to protect the Chimu/ Mochica Culture and the Cerro Campana.