Sunrise over Sugarloaf Mountain from Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro. Photo by Flavio Veloso

Photo of the Week: Morning in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is a city that has a little bit of everything: great weather, friendly people, and marvelous attractions.

Jumping in Lares Trek - Peru

An appetite for adventure: Hiking the Lares Trek

At Latin America for Less we love to share our client’s travel tales with you. In this photo story we feature Nelson hiking the Lares Trek.

Latin Tradition: Celebrating the Day of the Dead in the Andes

Peru and Bolivia are two Andean countries that celebrate the Day of the Dead in November, a celebration that blends Catholic traditions with Andean rituals.

Film Title: Diarios De Motocicleta.

Famous faces at Machu Picchu

Here’s a look at a few of the celebrities who have visited Machu Picchu.

Percy Valladares making is way to the Cerro Campana. Photo by Victor Corcuera Cueva

Man of Chan Chan, Protector of the Campana

Meet the man who won’t stop fighting to protect the Chimu/ Mochica Culture and the Cerro Campana.

Because of its proximity to Machu Picchu, climbing Nevado Salkantay in Cusco, region is an attractive alternative to the Inca Trail.

Photo of the Month: On the border of paradise

September featured some of the most stunning and inspiring photographs, but only one can be the Photo of the Month.