New Cathedral, Cuenca, Ecuador

Outdoor activities in Ecuador

If you plan to visit Ecuador to take a Galapagos tour, consider spending an extra week or at least a few days on the mainland to take full advantage of your Ecuador vacation.

An orange and yellow sunset over a purple Lake Titicaca and silhouette islands.

Bolivia Travel Guide: Lake Titicaca Catamaran Tours

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Top 5 most unusual Argentina tours

Here are five ways to see the best sights in Argentina– in totally unique ways!

Unravel the Birdman Cult Mystery on an Easter Island Tour

Unravel the Easter Island Birdman Cult Mystery, a fascinating civilization that flourished in the 18th and 19th centuries untouched by mainland cultures.

Argentina travel guide: Estancias, alternatives to El Calafate Hotels

There are many estancias near El Calafate in southern Argentina that offer room, board, and activities like horseback riding.

Chile Travel: June Festival of San Pedro y San Pablo

San Pedrans celebrate the Catholic feast day, Festival de San Pedro y San Pablo, with a distinctive blend of lively folk dancing, a thrilling rodeo, and solemn processions that infuse their Atacameño heritage into hispanic Catholic traditions.

Best Patagonia skiing in Chile

Travel down to the bottom of the world, where some of Patagonia’s most popular ski slopes crown Chile’s Andes.

Rio de Janeiro, the gem in Colonial Portugal’s Crown

Rio de Janeiro offers an array of fascinating historical sites that recall this city’s rich colonial past.

Peru travel guide: La Semana de Arte in Lima

Looking for fun cultural or arts events in Lima ? Check out our guide to Lima’s Semana de Arte.