How to get to Machu Picchu (the hard way)

Here’s a step-by-stop guide to help you successfully pilot your way to the peak where Machu Picchu rests.

Moquegua, the unknown south of Peru

Located in the driest part of Peru, merging with Chile’s Atacama Desert, the Moquegua region houses extensive mineral reserves, and is home to one of Peru’s largest copper mines, Cuajone.

Peru: Lima’s archeological sites

You should not dismiss Lima so quickly as there are a few noteworthy sites in the city and around that will be of interest to many history lovers.

Luxurious Peru Spa Vacations

Add a little touch of glamour to your vacation!

Top 3 luxury Puno Peru Hotels

In recent years Puno City has added some unique and luxurious hotels that allow travelers to revel in the beauty while providing world-class comfort.

Costa Rica Travel Guide: Off the beaten track, the magical Rio Celeste

Rio Celeste, a river situated in the heart of the Tenorio National Park, and one of Costa Rica’s prime secret spots!

Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Chile

If you too are feeling tempted to fly away toward exotic and warm destinations to enjoy Christmas under coconut trees in Chile!

Chile Celebrates 200 Years of Independence

In less than ten days Chile will officially commemorate 200 years of independent history, kicking off a celebration that promises to be as rich and diverse as its past.

Cusco Mountain Biking Tours

There are several different bike tracks in Cusco that cater to intrepid travelers of all biking abilities.