An easy alternative to Galapagos Islands tours

Did you know a good alternative to Galapagos Islands tours is in Peru?

Step-By-Step on the Lares Trek

Follow along on a daily breakdown of a 4-day Lares Trek to Machu Picchu.

Plaza de Armas

Peru Travel Guide: 48 hours in Cusco

Teeming with history, a window to a former world and an artifact of long-gone civilizations, Cusco could consume weeks of a Peru travel experience.

Puno cathedral

Peru travel guide: 24 Hours in Puno

Lake Titicaca’s main city of Puno is a Peru vacation destination in its own right.

Pan's Labyrinth

Latin America in film

This part of the world has all the necessary ingredients for a rich tradition of cinema and film. Learn more about Latin America in film.

Colca Canyon landscape

Peru travel guide: Hiking in Colca Canyon

Lacing up your hiking bootsand hit the trail of Colca Canyon in Peru.

Peru travel guide: 48 hours in Arequipa

A favorite Peru vacation destination, Arequipa is famous for its architecture, landscapes and cuisine.

Celebrating Peru’s Independence Day

Looking for something special to do in Peru in late July?

Peru beyond the Machu Picchu Tours

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