South America street art: Creativity with an urban canvas

A peek at the South America street art movement through some of the most impressive works found in Peru, Brazil and Argentina.

Photo of the Week: A Year’s New Morning at Qoyllur Riti

Faith, tradition, and the light of a full moon guide these seekers of healing snow on an annual pilgrimage, Qoyllur Riti.

Photo of the Week: From Rags to Riches

Puerto Madero in Buenos Aires, Argentina is an innovative waterfront neighborhood with a rags to riches tale.

Photo of the Week: Ocean-bathed Culture

The thriving indigenous culture of Peru is available for up-close interaction and appreciation.

Life of the party: Why the NY Times says Rio is the top 2013 destination

According to the NY Times, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is a top 2013 destination. We’ll tell you why…

Peru’s Inca Trail will change your life, CNN says

Peru’s Inca Trail was recently named 3rd on CNN’s list of “49 Journeys that will Change Your Life”.

Photo of the Week: Gentle Giant

Take an underwater adventure in Ecuador and swim with the world’s biggest fish!

Photo of the Week: Uphill Battle

This photograph, taken in Huaraz, Peru, gives new meaning to the saying “uphill battle”.

Saddle Up with Argentina’s Gaucho Culture

Celebrated in Argentina for their nomadic lifestyles and superb horsemanship, learn why gauchos were South America’s answer to the cowboy.