Andean condor soaring with outstretched wings over Colca Canyon walls around the bird.

Where to See Condors in Peru

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Walk among the locals in Peru. Photo by Sepsis13/Flickr

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Outside of Huaraz, Ancash, Peru. Photo by Stéphane Vallin/Yunka Trek

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Rachel on the "Old Mountain" high above Machu Picchu. Photo by Rachel Ricks

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Tango in Buenos Aires

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A volunteer learning how to hand spin yarn. Photo by Awamaki

Weaving wonderwomen of Awamaki [Interview]

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Taking decadent to a new level with this chocolate tart. Photo from Chocolate/Facebookv

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Zip-lining Costa Rica, photo by David Traish

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The Amantani family in their home

The gift of electricity for a Peruvian family in Lake Titicaca

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