Best Brazil Beaches For Winter Sun

Looking to sit on the beach in Brazil? Check out our guide to the best places to avoid winter and soak in the sun in Brazil.
Locals and tourists alike can be found enjoying the white sand beaches of Rio de Janeiro.

With over 1,700 miles of tropical coastline, it comes as little surprise that Brazil boasts a huge number of beautiful beaches and countless opportunities to catch some winter sun. With such a vast coast, the only tough question is which of the many beach destinations you should choose for a Brazil vacation in the sun.

Florianapolis tour, Brazil beach vacation

The beach at Florianapolis, a perfect Brazil beach destination


If you have been working hard all year long and now you want to play hard, taking a Florianopolis tour is the ideal way to reward yourself. Located south of São Paulo, this island city is known for its extravagant beach parties and was named the party destination of the year in 2009 by the New York Times. In the evenings young professionals escape from their desks and head here to party until the wee morning hours. In Florianopolis you will find Brazil’s young and beautiful in chic nightclubs and stylish beach bars.

Don’t worry though, if you can only sip caipirinhas for so long without getting bored, there is still plenty to do. You can explore the 40 beaches, try surfing, paragliding, diving, mountain biking, and sand boarding. If you are looking for a true beach vacation with all the scenery and recreation that entails, our Brazil travel packages will keep you motivated until summer comes round again.


The Buzios Peninsula is 105 miles from Rio and has 28 distinct beaches for travelers to explore as well as a booming nightlife. Each beach varies in size and ambiance ranging from secluded and romantic, to bohemian and trendy. The beaches are all close to one another which means visitors can easily explore them by foot.

Put on the international jet-setter map by Bridgette Bardot who visited this area in the 1960s, the once tiny fishing village of Buzios is now known by international travelers and has a lively nightlife, gourmet restaurants, and chic boutiques. Still, the area has managed to have kept its friendly, small-town vibe. Ideal for young people, honeymooners, and people who want a relaxing beach vacation with plenty to keep them busy, a Buzios tour offers the best beach diversity in Brazil.

Porto de Galinhas

If you want to step into a postcard, head to Porto de Galinhas, easily one of the most picturesque beaches on the Brazilian coast. Framed by palm trees and mangrove forests, the white sand stretches on and on before giving way to the turquoise water of the Atlantic, dotted with brightly colored fishing boats. Named the best beach in Brazil six years in a row by Voyage and Tourism, if you want a relaxing tropical getaway you can’t go wrong with Porto de Galinhas.

History buffs may find the sordid history behind the beach’s name interesting. Porto de Galinhas means Port of Chickens and sadly this stunning beach was once the port stop for African slave merchants after the nearby city of Recife banned human trafficking. Forbidden to mention the word slaves, residents would instead say that there were new chickens in the port, hence the name Porto de Galinhas. Travelers interested in combining a bit of history with their beach vacation can take a Recife tour to gain a better understanding of coastal Brazil’s past.

Rio’s Secret Beaches

Travelers looking for an island paradise should head to Ilha Grande. To get to this tropical island covered in rain forest that boasts long hikes and lovely waterfalls, visitors must travel two hours southwest from Rio and then take an hour and a half boat ride. Ilha Grande has a rustic and romantic feel and travelers who enjoy spectacular scenery and outdoor activities will find the island the highlight of their trip.

Paraty beach, Brazil vacation

Paraty is a perfect Brazil beach getaway

Only 15 miles south of the charming colonial town of Paraty, sits the small fishing village of Trindade. This little village boats some of the most beautiful beaches in the Green Coast area of Brazil, renowned for its stunning stretches of tranquil coast. Sweeping crescents of sand are flanked by lush mountains covered in tropical rain forest, and turquoise coves beckon visitors into the water.

There are six main beaches close to Trindade and some have bigger waves ideal for surfers and kite surfers. However, one of the most attractive things about Trindade is the natural swimming pools near Cachadaco beach. The pools are actually sea water enclosed by large rocks where travelers can swim or snorkel in a safe and relaxing location. Combining a visit to Trindade with a Paraty tour will show you the best of Brazil’s beaches and one of its most romantic cities.

For more information on planning a winter getaway, contact one of our Travel Advisors who can customize a Brazil beach vacation for you based on your interests.