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Exploring Lima on 2 Wheels [Part I]

I knew ceviche was coming. To many it’s the most famous and exportable dish of Peru, and a requisite part

Peruvian Cuisine: A Lima Gourmet Tour

Learn the INs and OUTs of Peru’s most famous dishes with a gastronomical tour of Lima.

Peru’s Central voted #1 restaurant in Latin America

A unique use of local ingredients and deconstructed cooking methods have earned Central the title of #1 restaurant in Latin America.

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Peruvian Recipe: Flavors of Peru from Our Kitchen

Check out some Peruvian delights served fresh from our LAFL kitchen.

An expertly prepared Ceviche. Photo by Off Road Adventures

Foods from Peru: The 10 Best Peruvian Dishes

Peruvians love their food, and for good reason – it’s delicious and the range of dish variety doesn’t let you get board.