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A selection of Peruvian superfoods.

Peru Superfoods: Healthy Fuel for Your Body

Hailing from the Andes and the Amazon, Peru’s superfoods are packed with healthy vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other essential nutrients.

Chicly decorated and with an ocean view, Cala is one of our top recommended

Best Affordable Restaurants in Lima, Peru

Price doesn’t dictate meal quality in the capital of Peru. Merging our insider expertise and passion for food, here are four affordable restaurants in Lima for you to enjoy.

Private dining room at Maras Restaurant. Photo from Maras website

The 7 Best Upscale Restaurants in Lima

Become an expert on the best upscale restaurants in Lima, and discover why foodies from around the world are crazy about Peruvian gastronomy.

Peru’s Culinary Democracy at its Finest | Peru For Less

Pots, pans, and ingredients work harmoniously together in a perfect orchestration of ethnic inclusions that formulate Peru’s gastronomic flavors.

Chilean Carmenere

Chile’s drinks: Vino tinto and terremoto

Chile is a wine superpower, the fifth largest exporter of wines in the world and the eighth largest producer. We try and test out different Chilean wines.

Beer and Sausage in Argentina

Drinking beer in South America

We’ve picked our favorite beers in Brazil, Argentina and Peru. While connoisseurs might find South American beers to be average, their virtue is their accessibility.

Typical Ecuador Chicha Bowl

Drinking canelazo and chicha in Ecuador

You will encounter two very popular drinks in Ecuador – canelazo and chicha. Visiting the high Andes, a warm drink such as these on a cold night hits the spot.

There are over 70 thousand coffee plantations in Costa Rica

The national drinks of Costa Rica: Coffee and guaro

When you hear the name Costa Rica, you can’t help but think of coffee. Coffee and alchoholic Guaro are the national drinks of this Central America location.

These cachaça-based drinks would like to make a party in your mouth.

Brazil’s national drinks, starring the Caipirinha

Plotting a tropical beach getaway? Here are our facts and tips for navigating the icy, delicious, and refreshing options of a Brazilian drinks menu.