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Yerba mate argentina

Argentina’s drinks, from fernet to yerba mate

In Argentina Malbec, Fernet, and yerba mate are proud national emblems. High quality Argentine wines have rocketed to international prominence.

Visit top wineries in Mendoza on bike tour, an excellent way to get up close with the gorgeous landscape.

Highlights of a South America Wine Tour

We’re happy to share a plan for how to put it all together into one fabulous South America wine tour package. Start in Chile and cross over to Argentina…

The Wine Trails of North Argentina

When you think of wine in Argentina, Mendoza springs immediately to mind. We introduce you to Salta, the new top producer of Argentina’s national drink.

Limari Valley

Top 3 wine destinations in South America

South America has some of the highest quality vineyards in the world. We look at the best Latin America wine destinations every traveler needs to visit.

After years of mostly domestic sales, as of March 2011, Chile is one of the top 10 wine exporters in the world

Explore South America’s wine trails

Every wine lover should be are aware of the grape-growing action throughout South America’s wine trails!

Feijoada picture, Sao Paulo, Brazil tours

A quick guide to dining in São Paulo

São Paulo is a high energy city known for the diversity of cultures that it brings together.

Chupe de Camarones, Arequipa

The delicious food of Arequipa in Peru

Peruvian cuisine has received glowing reviews and increased international attention. The Wall Street Journal named Peru’s food scene “The Next Big Thing.”

Guide to Peru: Foods you shouldn’t fear

There is a joke in Peru that if the archeology fails to capture your attention, the food surely will.

A large variety of Peruvian potatoes in a local market.

Peru’s potato passion

First cultivated on the altiplano in Peru, there are still over 2,800 varieties of potato grown, more than any other nation. Peruvians don’t take the humble spud lightly.