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Costa Rica Treasures: Three Incredible Destinations

Take a journey to the most valued and stunning highlights of Costa Rica, from volcanoes to cloud forests.

Photo of the Week: Tropical Vibes

Wade in the tropical waters of Puerto Viejo, one of the world’s top rated surf destinations in Costa Rica.

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Learn about the exciting traditions celebrated during Holy Week in Costa Rica.

The ultimate Costa Rica packing list

Packing is an art! Here is a list of all the essentials you will need on your Costa Rica travel adventure.

At the crater of the Poás Volcano, sulfuric furmaroles burst upwards, ruffling the calm surface of the ethereal lake. Photo by Sandra Cohen-Rose & Colin Rose/Flickr

A burning ring of fire: Costa Rica’s rumbling volcanoes

Indulge your impulse for adventure with a Costa Rica volcano tour, providing an exciting look at the earth’s fiery inner workings.

Zip-lining Costa Rica, photo by David Traish

Top 3 zip-lining destinations in Costa Rica

Experience the hair-raising thrill of zip-lining through Costa Rica’s jungle.

There are over 70 thousand coffee plantations in Costa Rica

The national drinks of Costa Rica: Coffee and guaro

When you hear the name Costa Rica, you can’t help but think of coffee. Coffee and alchoholic Guaro are the national drinks of this Central America location.

Costa Rica beach

A caribbean Costa Rica vacation

In preparation for her Costa Rica vacation, Kathleen eagerly read through travel guides for Costa Rica facts and information. She came up with this general description:

An adventure packed Costa Rica vacation

Costa Rica is a destination like no other, from beaches and lush jungle, to volcanoes Costa Rica provides a plethora of landscapes.