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Vicuña Wool: Fabric Fit for Inca Royalty

Vicuña wool is the rarest natural fiber in the world, making it the most coveted and luxurious fabric for high fashion designers.

The 5 stunning natural wonders of Brazil

Which of these natural wonders in Brazil spark your call to adventure?

Feel the Love With 7 Llama Photos

Check out these endearing and funny photos of South America’s favorite mammal.

Rylee greets the winter in Patagonia.

Patagonia portraits: Rylee’s adventure to The End of the World

Expert travel advisor Rylee M. takes on Patagonia, exploring the Perito Moreno Glacier and Ushuaia, the southern most city of Argentina.

Dawn on the Amazon River. Photo by Alejandra Mejia

Peruvian jungle destinations at a glance

At Latin America For Less we offer our clients some of the most pristine and inviting Peruvian jungle destinations in the entire world.

A Caiman sunbathing in Pantanal. Photo by Ana Castañeda

Top Brazilian Amazon destinations

Brazil’s jungle is a naturalist’s dreamscape, as it is home to the most known species of plants, fresh water fish, and mammals.

At the crater of the Poás Volcano, sulfuric furmaroles burst upwards, ruffling the calm surface of the ethereal lake. Photo by Sandra Cohen-Rose & Colin Rose/Flickr

A burning ring of fire: Costa Rica’s rumbling volcanoes

Indulge your impulse for adventure with a Costa Rica volcano tour, providing an exciting look at the earth’s fiery inner workings.

Kuelap ruins, Peru, Peru vacations, Peru for Less

How to get to Gocta Waterfalls

A cancelled trip to Machu Picchu turns into an adventure to the less-traveled Gocta Waterfalls and Kuelap ruins in the Chachapoyas region of Peru.

Zip-lining Costa Rica, photo by David Traish

Top 3 zip-lining destinations in Costa Rica

Experience the hair-raising thrill of zip-lining through Costa Rica’s jungle.