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Traveler Review: A Well Orchestrated Escape

Doug and Barbara shared their kind words and 3 epic travel photos with us!

Traveler Review: Coming Back for More

“Before this trip I knew nothing about Peru, but now I’m in love with the country,” said Rick F.

Kendra with her host in Cotahuasi in Peru

Cotahuasi Canyon & Hidden Andean Communities: Kendra D. shares her tale

Read about expert travel advisor Kendra D. and her trekking adventure through Cotahuasi Canyon, the deepest canyon in the world!

Traveler Review: Exploring South America’s Wonders

“Our dream is to visit the 7 World Wonders,” wrote Frisca in this traveler review. “Your team at Latin America for Less helped us get closer to our dream.”

Traveler Review: Everything to Hope For and More

“I cannot thank you, the tour guides, and all the hotel staff for the life experience I was given,” said Kimberly from Connecticut, U.S.A.

Traveler Review: Treasured Memories

“The meals, the hotels, the activities, the tours, and the people we met will be memories that we will treasure forever thanks to you and your company.”

Traveler Review: A Family Affair

“I am so glad I decided to get help with this trip. Silvana and Peru For Less allowed me to enjoy and not stress about the details!”

Traveler Review: Larry’s Account of Peru

Read more about Larry’s travels in Peru, detailing his unique experiences, personal opinion about Machu Picchu, and information about his favorite hotels.

Traveler Review: An Absolutely Perfect Trip to Peru

Ellen and Mike H. enjoyed their trip to Peru. They only wish they could have stayed longer!