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Travel is all about sharing experiences. In Peru, you can even share food with a llama. Photo from Hazel G.

Traveler Review: Hazel and Bonny’s transcontinental trip

We’re thrilled to hear that we didn’t miss a beat in helping Bonny and Hazel plan an amazing and exotic trip!

Traveler Review: Smooth sailing in Costa Rica

In this Testimonial of the Week, Robert C. and his family ventured to Costa Rica, a land of diverse terrain and wildlife.

Jumping in Lares Trek - Peru

An appetite for adventure: Hiking the Lares Trek

At Latin America for Less we love to share our client’s travel tales with you. In this photo story we feature Nelson hiking the Lares Trek.

Michael and Stephanie Machu Picchu proposal

She said “Yes!”: Michael and Stephanie’s Machu Picchu proposal

Michael Yuen and Stephanie Kwan, our travel tale contest winners, share the story of their romantic adventure through Cusco.

Monica Madsen Amazon adventure

Monica Madsen is “the Girl of the Jungle”

A young woman from the Rocky Mountains travels to the Peruvian Amazon and learns that “all good things are wild and free.”

The adventure of a lifetime by Jim Todd

The adventure of a lifetime

Jim Todd and his family headed on a long-awaited trip around South America. Though things didn’t go exactly as originally planned, our team was there to ensure that their trip was a success.

Honeymoon Inca Trail hiking by William Karkowsky

A honeymoon hiking the Inca Trail

Newlyweds start the new chapter of their lives with new adventures, new experiences, and new friends.

Miller's Family on Taquile Island

We are the Millers

The Miller family discovers that Peru is one of their “absolute favorite countries.”

Why it pays to not “chicken out”

Carol Feider was reluctant to set off on her trip to Peru. After having the adventure of a lifetime, she’s glad that she didn’t chicken out.