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underground museum in Buenos Aires

El Zanjon: A peek beneath Buenos Aires

One of the city’s most fascinating places is actually hidden deep underground in Buenos Aires’ colonial San Telmo district, and it is below the foundation of a 178-year-old mansion that you’ll find a very unusual museum.

The Basilica del Voto Nacional in Quito is the largest neogothic basilica in the Americas. Day and night, the basilica’s spires are a distinctive feature of the Quito skyline.

Quito’s great historic center

Visitors to Quito will find a city that is modern, multifaceted, and energetic, but the city’s role in the history of South America is simply fascinating.

Breathtaking Colonia del Sacramento

Arriving to Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay

The charming city of Colonia del Sacramento on Uruguay’s Río de la Plata is home to rich history and beautiful architecture.

Check out the great variety of fruits in the San Camilo Market, this is the perfect stop for a snack!

A walking tour of Arequipa

A guided walking tour of Arequipa, Peru with recommendations for best places to see and things to do in the city

Tropical Guayaquil, Ecuador travel highlight

Guayaquil prides itself on its cosmopolitan offerings: a boardwalk which has become a principal node for tourism and commerce.

Cuenca, the “Athens of Ecuador”

Cuenca is famed for the majestic architecture of its many churches, cathedrals, cloisters, and colonial houses.

The top 3 events in the Santiago region of Chile

From the rugged landscapes of Patagonia and the glistening lakes of the Lake District to the skyscrapers of Santiago, its capital, there is much to see for the eager traveler.

Quito, Ecuador

Discover the top 3 city escapes in Ecuador

As many natural wonders as Ecuador has to offer, it is also full of fascinating urban centers just waiting to be explored.

Buenos Aires Subte station

Argentina travel guide: Exploring the art scene in Buenos Aires

Often referred to as the “Paris of the Americas,” Buenos Aires boasts an eclectic mix of European and South American influences that make it a must-see on any trip to Argentina.