Falling in love with Ecuador


People travel all over the world exploring its cities and vast landscapes looking for something special, those memories that will last a lifetime. It is for the places that touch our hearts and make us never want to leave that we pack our bags, endure those seemingly endless layovers, and for which we practically empty our pocket books. Our expert travel advisor Nikoline can relate to this, as her time in Ecuador extended well beyond her original plan. With so much love and passion for the country, Nikoline was eager to share her travels through Ecuador. This exciting tale is sure to make you want to start planning your Ecuador travel today.

Exploring inland Ecuador and the coast during her trip, Nikoline fell in love with the biodiversity of the country. From the Andes to the jungle and the coast, she explored it all, soaking up the sun one minute and a few hours later discovering the wildlife in the rainforest. Even now when she returns, she is still amazed by how fast the climate and landscapes can change.

Cuenca, Ecuador

One of the many beautiful buildings Nikoline captured during her time in Cuenca.

Part of Nikoline’s trip was spent in the colonial city of Cuenca. Surrounded by lush mountains, the city provides some absolutely spectacular scenery. She suggests to anyone visiting Ecuador to include a trip to Cuenca, as the city is full of charm and perfect for exploring by foot. Nikoline recommends walking the streets and admiring the many colonial buildings for which the city is famous. There are also many little parks scattered throughout Cuenca as well as cafes and restaurants, perfect for soaking in the culture of the city and mingling with the locals. “The Ecuadorian population is very easygoing and very curious to meet foreigners,” so don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation while you sip on your coffee or tea!

Montañita, Ecuador

Nikoline spent most of her Ecuador trip on the coast, soaking up the sun and getting to know the locals.

Nikoline’s favorite part about Ecuador however is its magnificent coast. “I feel like the coast has been overlooked by a lot of tourists coming to Ecuador, by I am especially fond of the beaches,” Nikoline explains. She spent most of her time in Ecuador soaking up the sun and enjoying the lively atmosphere of the beach towns. Nikoline suggests Montañita for travelers looking for surf and fun in the sun. Originally planning to stay three nights, Nikoline couldn’t leave the charm and friendly people of Montañita and ended up staying for two months! “I told myself every day I will leave tomorrow, I will leave tomorrow, but I just couldn’t!”

Montañita, Ecuador

Horses joined Nikoline on the beach, a unique and beautiful sight during her vacation.

Nikoline could talk for hours about her time on the beaches surrounding Montañita, sitting around eating Red Ceviche (a must try) or renting scooters cruising around all day. On a particularly interesting day at the beach, Nikoline was laying soaking up the sun when a herd of “wild” horses came running down the beach. With no owner, the horses ran freely down the sand along the water, making for one of the coolest sceneries during her entire trip.

“However” she added, “Ecuador sunsets are amazing! I am nuts about sunsets and have observed quite a few in a lot of different countries, but Ecuador’s coast without a doubt provides some of the best!”

The Ecuador border crossing

Surely not her last goodbye to Ecuador, Nikoline will return again one day!

The beautiful Ecuador scenery provided her with some great picture opportunities, and these photos now serve as a reminder of all the great times she had on her trip. Though she doesn’t have current plans, Nikoline has no doubt she will make another trip to Ecuador, where she is sure to fall in love all over again.

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  1. Horses at the beach, beautiful and rare. How I wish I can ride a horse along the sea shores that will be a lot of fun. I think Ecuador is a lovely place to visit.