Explore Argentina’s Patagonia with our LAFL Photo Contest Winner

It appears Kristina has a true natural eye for taking amazing photographs of Patagonia!

Our 2011 Latin America For Less Photo Contest winner, esteemed travel advisor Kristina Rudge, tells us about her experience traveling around South America all the while taking spectacular pictures.

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Mount Fitz Roy in Argentina

It appears Kristina has a true natural eye for taking amazing photographs, as she says she has never taken any photography classes, and was only using a small digital camera when she took this magical picture of Mount Fitz Roy, in Argentina’s Patagonia.

Ever since she started traveling around the world, Kristina has always carried a camera with her to ensure that she brought back many photos from her trips. Although she enjoys taking pictures, and wishes to learn more about photography, Kristina reminds us, rightly, that it’s all about enjoying yourself: “I was camping there, and I had such a great time. This picture is more about the memories of these moments.”

Still, we asked her for tips on how to take a good photo. According to Kristina, the light is generally what makes all the difference, and you should always have your camera ready for the special moments when the sun’s rays hit just right. Landscapes are also generally easier to photograph than other things, Kristina says, and they can make the best pictures simply because they are so beautiful to begin with.

Since her trip to Argentina, Kristina has invested in a more professional camera, a reflex camera, and is thinking of taking classes to learn some techniques to take truly great pictures—although all of us at Latin America For Less think she’s already doing a fantastic job.

When asked how she manages to take such spectacular pictures, Kristina, very modestly, tells us: “I guess I was just lucky. It’s just such a beautiful place that it would be hard to take a bad picture.”

Patagonia, with its infinite glacial landscapes and majestic mountains covered with snow, is probably one of the most beautiful destinations in Latin America. It’s certainly Kristina’s favorite, as she has spent months traveling all over this region in Argentina. Trekking on gigantic glaciers, sailing across icy lakes, and hiking up dizzying mountains is an experience you are unlikely to ever forget, she says.

We couldn’t resist showing you one more of Kristina’s photos of this truly superb region. This photo, with the mountains silhouetted against a striking sky, is her favorite, and we hope it leaves you speechless with its beauty, just like it did for us.

To discover the magical landscapes of Argentina’s Patagonian region and practice your photography skills, contact Kristina or any of our other expert travel advisors and ask about a Patagonia tour.