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Every year we hold a company-wide photo contest for our staff to submit their greatest photos from their Latin America travel. This year photos were submitted of the beautiful beaches of Costa Rica, the wine valleys of Chile and Argentina, and the rushing waterfalls of Ecuador, amongst many others. However our winners provided us with some excellent and unique photos that we couldn’t pass up, check them out below!

Bianca Crousillat, one of our expert travel advisors was crowned a winner after submitting an array of beautiful Sacred Valley photos. Bianca was lucky enough to live in the Cusco region for two years, providing her plenty of time to explore the area and take some excellent photos. This photo taken in Soccma in the Sacred Valley really “wowed” our judges.

Sacred Valley, Peru

Bianca really captured the beauty of the Sacred Valley with this photo!

Bianca, who has been a tour guide in Cusco and at Machu Picchu, now helps travelers from around the world plan their dream Peru vacation. When planning your Peru travel itinerary, Bianca suggests including some time in the Sacred Valley. Though Cusco and Machu Picchu are both key destinations to see during your travel, Bianca says, adding a few days in the Sacred Valley will enhance your experience.

The Sacred Valley is where Bianca truly learned about and experienced the culture of the region. During her time living in the region she was able to do home stays, which allowed her to live with families and learn about the culture and people who live in the valley. Though this may not be an option for travelers visiting Peru for a week or two, making a stop in the Sacred Valley is sure to be worth your time.

Our next winner, Doug Emeott, took his winning photo on a trip from Peru to Bolivia to visit the beautiful Lake Titicaca, the perfect addition to your Cusco travel.

Lake Titicaca

Doug captured this magical photo from the Bolivian side of Lake Titicaca.

Lake Titicaca sits at 12,379 feet (3,890 meters) above sea level. This highest navigable lake in the world is absolutely stunning and provides unique scenery. Known for its legend and history as well as the Uros, or floating islands made of totora reeds, which dot its surface, Lake Titicaca is sure to be a highlight of your travel. Travelers can visit the islands and even stay with a family to experience the culture and lifestyle of this region. A great addition to any Peru travel itinerary, the magnificent Lake Titicaca can be accessed from both Peru and Bolivia.

Doug traveled from Cusco to Puno and then on to Bolivia by bus, which is a great way to see the scenery of this region. Puno, which provides access to Lake Titicaca from the Peru side, is easily accessible from Cusco and travelers can choose between private transfer, bus, or train for transportation.  A bus from Puno into Bolivia will offer great views of the lake-especially if you sit on the left side, Doug recommends. On the Bolivian side enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of Copacabana beach and look out onto the magnificent blue waters of the lake. For panoramic views over the lake, Doug also recommends making your way up to the lookout point, set atop the hill.

Peru is home to a diverse variety of beautiful scenery and attractions. Contact one of our expert travel advisors to start planning your dream vacation today!


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  1. Wow! beautiful photos, it really shows the beauty of Peru. I also wanna go to Peru someday. It got to be one of my pit stop in my journey around the world.