Go green: Easy ways to travel responsibly


Go green: Easy ways to travel responsibly

Responsible TravelFollow the road to green travel.
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Traveling green begins before you board the plane.  Each year about 10 percent of all energy is wasted on vampire energy in the United States because appliances are left plugged-in when they are not being used.  So before your trip don’t forget to unplug those energy-sucking appliance, including plasma televisions, video games, laptops, DVD players and cell phone chargers.

Changing the settings of your thermostat while you are away so the air conditioning or heat doesn’t turn on is another environmentally friendly decision that will also save you money on your electric bill.

On your trip consider the following:

Bring reusable bags. Carry your travel purchases and souvenirs in reusable bags so that less plastic packaging finds its way to the trash and in landfills.

Use environment-friendly transportation. Reduce your carbon footprint on your trip and bike, walk and take public transit.  These Earth-friendly alternatives are often cheaper than paying for a cab or renting a car and offer a unique way to observe the daily happenings of the local community.

Reduce paper waste. Instead of printing out all your travel information, download maps and travel guides to your smartphone that you can reference throughout your trip. Internet is available at most hotels, restaurants and cafes throughout Peru so current information is literally at your fingertips.

Don’t use a disposable camera. Opt instead to pack your digital camera that takes better pictures and allows you to sort and delete images with a click of a button.

Pack a couple reusable containers. Travelers are not advised to drink water from the tap in South America.  Stay hydrated during your time away and carry a reusable water bottle and refill it from a larger gallon source instead of buying several small plastic water bottles.  Packing  reusable tupperware to carry snacks is another way to reduce packaging.

Try to recycle. Think twice before throwing your recyclables into the trash even when you don’t see a recycling bin. Each city in Peru has different recycling resources so its best to ask your hotel where you can drop off your recyclables.

Responsible TravelDon’t forget to bring a bag for your souvenirs.
Photo from Griffiths and Drasnin/Flickr

Environmental problems don’t go on vacation when you take a trip.  Do your part in being a conscious traveler and help make a difference.


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