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Updated September 2016

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Attention all Canadian and Australian citizens planning a trip to Argentina: are you aware of the current changes regarding the country’s entry fee? Maybe you didn’t even know there was a mandatory payment to enter the country. Here are some tips to make sure you’re prepared to travel.

UPDATE: Effective August 23rd 2016, U.S. citizens are EXEMPT from paying a reciprocity fee to enter Argentina for tourist or business purposes. The $160 USD reciprocity was initially suspended on 24 March 2106 and is now made permanent by Presidential Decree.

The reciprocity fee varies for Canadian and Australian citizens.



Valid for…


U$S 75

U$S 150

3 months

5 years


U$S 100

1 year

Before January 2013, travelers could pay the reciprocity fee in cash when they arrived at the airport in Argentina. Now it must be paid online before arriving at the country’s National Immigration website.  This applies to all entry points – flight, land and sea (including cruise passengers).

Online payment process

Here are some instructions to help you get through the online payment process.  Don’t worry – all the links below are in English.

1. Visit: Start by logging in. Click SIGN UP.

Argentina Reciprocity Fee 1

To create your own account, the following information will be requested:

Argentina Reciprocity Fee 2

After registering you can sign in and out of your account.

2. To pay the reciprocity fee online, sign into your account. Make sure that all your information is entered correctly because it cannot be changed once you begin to input the payment details.

After clicking the ‘I accept the terms & conditions’ box, select the type of credit card you want to pay with.  There are three options: Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

Fill in the credit card information and click SEND to complete the online transaction.

You’re almost done…

3. After the payment has been processed, print the receipt and keep it with your passport to bring to Argentina.

When you arrive you’ll present the receipt to an immigration officer as proof that you’ve paid the reciprocity fee.  Failure to do so will result in unnecessary complications at the border.

Click here for more information about online payment.

The amount and payment details for the Argentine entry fee are always subject to change. It’s important to be aware of new information before you travel, so  talk with your travel advisor about what fees apply to your home country when you’re planning a trip to Argentina.

For additional requirements and details, check:
Canada International website
Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Argentina has something for every traveler’s taste. Check out some of our tours and talk with an expert travel advisor to start planning your dream trip.


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