Our adventure to Mistura captured in photos


Our adventure to Mistura captured in photos

Yesterday the LAFL family made their way to Latin America’s best food festival, Mistura! From eating delicious food and enjoying the music and parades to exploring the market full of products from the different regions Peru, our day was full of Peruvian cuisine. Enjoy this photo feature of our trip to Mistura.

Latin America For Less staff, Lima Peru, Mistura, Peru travel

Here we are, the LAFL family, enjoying Mistura 2012!

Mistura, Lima Peru, Peruvian cuisine

One of the many cooking areas set up to serve the thousands of visitors at Mistura.

Pachamanca, Peruvian cuisine, Lima Peru, Mistura

Pachamanca is meat wrapped in banana leaves and cooked in a pit, like the one seen above.

Rincon de Pan, Mistura, Lima, Peru

Here we have the Mistura bakers, working hard to create a delicious variety of bread which is for sale to visitors.

Cristal, Lima Peru, Mistura

Visitors could enjoy a cold brew from the Cristal stand to accompany one of the many plates of Peruvian classics.

Now don’t be embarrassed if your mouth starts to water, here are some of the many dishes we sampled at Mistura.

Lomo Saltado, Lima Peru, Mistura

This tasty looking dish is the Lomo Saltado Fettucini – fresh pasta topped with steak, peppers, and onions!

Chupe de Mariscos, Lima Peru, Mistura

This bowl of “goodness” is Chupe de Mariscos which is a classic Peruvian seafood soup.

Aji de Gallina, Lima Peru, Mistura

Another Peruvian classic, Aji de Gallina is a chicken dish served with a mild yellow chili sauce.

Chicharron, Lima Peru, Mistura

Potatoes, fried pork, and an onion salad make up this tasty plate of Chicharron.

Chanco al Palo, Lima Peru, Mistura

Chancho al Palo, which is essentially ‘pig on a stick’ is accompanied in this plate by Carapulcra another Peruvian classic.

Anticuchos, Lima Peru, Mistura

That’s not just regular tasty meat on a stick, it’s cow heart. You’ll find these delicious Anticuchos on any crowded Peruvian street.

Quinoa Ice Cream, Lima Peru, Mistura

Looking for a sweet treat? Try this out-of-the ordinary Quinoa Ice Cream, oh so delicious!

Rincon de Chocolate, Lima Peru, Mistura

The Rincon de Chocolate is a whole section specifically for chocolate lovers! Enjoy one of these works of art to cure your chocolate craving.

Finally, for dessert, here are some more photos of the group enjoying the day at Mistura.

Peru For Less staff, Lima Peru, Mistura

A few of our team members checking out the map for their next stop!

Peru For Less staff, Mistura, Lima Peru

Here are some of the LAFL ladies taking a break from exploring and eating.

Peru For Less staff, Mistura, Lima Peru

Some of our staff members wandering the many winding pathways of Mistura.

Don’t miss out on Mistura 2013! Plan your Peru vacation around this world renowned food event. To start planning your trip to Peru contact one of our travel advisors today!


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