Peru flashback: A look at Cusco in the 1930s (video)

Watch this video to see how Cusco has transformed into one of the top destinations for archeological and cultural enthusiasts from around the world.
Walk through history in the street of Cusco. Photo by Guillen Perez/Flickr

Since the discovery of Machu Picchu as an international wonder more than 100 years ago by Hiram Bingham, Cusco city has undergone an unprecedented transformation. Coping with booming tourism and numerous earthquakes throughout the centuries, Cusco has evolved into a lively, eclectic hotspot and source of pride for the people of Peru. Follow us back in time with this video of Cusco from the 1930s and compare it to the city’s streets today.

Video of Cusco: Withstanding the tests of time

This video is a collection of photos and video footage depicting Cusco city in 1936, which have been compiled from archives of the University of Pennsylvania.

The Inca were extremely skilled in stonemasonry, and one of their unique architectural characteristics was the use of irregularly shaped, huge stones fitted together without the use of mortar. This actually served a specific purpose, in fact, to allow for the stone blocks to shift and then settle back into place in the event of an earthquake or any seismic activity. While such an ingenious concept, Spanish explorers forgot to take notes on this lesson. On May 21, 1950, Cusco city experienced a devastating earthquake which destroyed nearly half of its colonial buildings and infrastructure, but the Inca stone walls of the ancient cities remained intact.

The heart of the Inca today

Since the time of the Inca, Cusco city has developed into a bustling city that offers a wide variety of upscale hotels and restaurants, lively nightlife, all infused with a traditional Andean flavor unique to the region. Cusco’s population of approximately 350,000 is a diverse mix of people from all over the world, including Asia, Europe, United States, as well as Amerindian and mestizo. The city flourishes as hub for more than 600,000 tourists annually seeking to explore ancient Inca ruins and experience authentic Andean culture.

Cusco, Peru, Peru For LessThe fountain in the Plaza de Armas serves as a center piece of tranquility surrounded by churches, benches, and gardens.
Original photo by Peru For Less

Experience the capital of the Inca for yourself

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