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Traveling can present unplanned surprises that leave you in need of some help. This is way Peru For Less launched Peru Travel Aid, our new Cusco-based initiative that offers free emergency support and advice to English-speaking travelers. In exchange of this help, travelers “pay it forward” by making a donation to one of our nonprofit partners.

How Peru Travel Aid can help you

Peru For Less has over 10 years of experience helping fellow travelers plan adventures to the beautiful city of Cusco and other destinations throughout Latin America. Many people have the same questions, “What can I do if I lose my passport? Who can I turn to if my luggage is delayed or lost? Where do I go if I’m suffering from altitude sickness?”

These are real problems that can turn your dream vacation into a nightmare.

Peru Travel Aid helps travelers in Cusco during times of need, free of charge. In exchange, we ask that travelers consider making a donation to a nonprofit organization that’s doing great work to help local communities in Peru.

Spreading holiday cheer with our nonprofit partner, Mosqoy

Mosqoy is a nonprofit organization that has partnered with Peru Travel Aid. Since 2006 the nonprofit has built relationships with 18 remote communities in the Peruvian Andes to offer opportunities for economic development, while nurturing their traditional indigenous culture.

Last month Mosqoy delivered hot chocolate, toys and holiday cheer to the small town of Kancha Kancha in the Sacred Valley. Rachael T., an important member of the Peru For Less team in Cusco, joined other Mosqoy volunteers and shared her experience to this remote Andean village with us.

Peru Travel Aid, Peru For LessRachael (left) and friends hiking to Kancha Kancha.

“Our day began at 5:30 a.m. as we set off to Kancha Kancha from Cusco. Juan, the event organizer, arranged for a bus to take the group of 25 volunteers and Mosqoy students from Cusco to the village of Huaran in the Sacred Valley. From Huaran we continued our trip to Kancha Kancha on foot.

After everyone got last minute supplies of chocolate, water and snacks, Juan gave a small speech to thank everyone for attending and introduced the student who was from the village of Kancha Kancha and had benefited from the work of Mosqoy.

At 7:15 a.m. we began the uphill hike to Kancha Kancha.

Three horses carried cases of milk, chocolate and sacks filled with presents for the day ahead.

holiday cheer to Kancha Kancha, Peru Travel Aid, Peru For Less

We frequently stopped and looked at the Andean heaven around us!

Just before 11 a.m. the rustic buildings of Kancha Kancha appeared. We were greeted by a very excited young boy as we crossed a small river into the enclosure.

The horses carrying all the supplies had passed us during our journey, so the preparation of the hot chocolate was already underway when we got there. We took shelter inside a school classroom where all the community members and volunteers gathered. Christmas music was put on and the village members gave us tea to warm our hands. Soon came the pan of hot chocolate and we gave out sweet bread rolls and cups of the sweet hot drink.

chocolatada in Kancha Kancha, Peru Travel Aid, Peru For Less

It was incredible to see the smiles on the faces of both the children and adults from the community. Once we finished the drinks, the sacks of presents were brought in and each child was given a gift. They were so patient and grateful to receive the presents- it was priceless to see their smiling faces.

After this, the children performed songs, dances and told riddles for us. In return, they received another gift. It was such a magical experience, with children as young as 3 or 4 participating in the festivities. There was laughter and happiness from all.

boy from Kancha Kancha, Peru Travel Aid, Peru For LessAll photos courtesy of Rachael Taylor

We piled outside for a group photo and a final thank you to all. Everyone was grateful for sharing this magical day together.

It was a rewarding and special day- a sentiment shared by all that took part,” said Rachael.

Although our entire team wasn’t able to join in on the adventure to spread holiday cheer, Peru For Less made a donation to Mosqoy to support their work with Kancha Kancha and other small villages in the Sacred Valley region.

To learn more about our new project, please visit the Peru Travel Aid website:


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