Photo of the Month: On A Golden Stage

This month's photo takes us to Bolivia, showcasing the urban sprawl of La Paz amid the towering peak of Illimani.
by Britt Fracolli

The photos we share offer a glimpse at some of South America’s most unique destinations. This continent’s diversity never ceases to amaze us, but to actually experience it is when the real adventure begins.

Our top photo pick for November showcases the urban sprawl of La Paz amid the towering Bolivian peak of Illimani. At over 11,000 feet above sea level, La Paz is yet another city in South America that will leave your lungs gasping for oxygen.  Some travelers only plan a quick stop in La Paz in transit to some of the country’s other highlights, including Lake Titicaca and the Uyuni Salt Flats, but it’s definitely worthy of a longer exploration. For a cultural experience, navigate the street of La Paz to the Witches Market!

Here’s a look at some more from this month’s photo bank…


Buenos Aires, Argentina For LessBuenos Aires never sleeps

Photo of the Week, Chile, Chile For LessIce cold Patagonia paddle
Photo from The Globe Runaway blog


Atacama, Chile For LessAnswer your wandering spirit in Atacama, Chile

Easter Island, Latin America For LessDramatic archaeology of Chile’s Easter Island
Photo by Cristian Bobadilla

Snapshots from some of our travelers in Peru

Llama, Peru For LessHazel and Bonny’s transcontinental trip
Photo courtesy of Hazel G.

Machu Picchu, Peru For LessTake your boots off at Machu Picchu
Photo courtesy of Tam Anh

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