Photo of the Week: A Traveler’s Sandbox

The sandy slopes of Chile's northern sand dunes are waiting for you.
by Britt Fracolli

Blue skies and average daily temperatures hovering around 80 degrees Fahrenheit  are perfect conditions to grab your board and hit the sandy slopes in San Pedro de Atacama. This week traveler Gabriellah’s photo reminds us of South America’s diverse landscapes, ranging from lush jungles to the extreme opposite.

In Chile, sandboarding the dunes of the Atacama desert is an adrenaline-packed way to experience the driest place on Earth. Believe it or not, there are some areas in the Atacama region where no rainfall has ever been recorded. While sandboarding, take the time to marvel at the surreal landscapes of Valle de la Luna, or Moon Valley, where the jagged mountainous terrain resembles that of the moon’s surface.

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Valley of the Moon, Atacama Desert, Chile, Chile For LessWatch a moonrise over Moon Valley in northern Chile.
Photo from Dreamstime

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