Photo of the Week: A Warm Desert Glow


Photo of the Week: A Warm Desert Glow

Punta Del Inca in the Atacama Desert, ChileWander through the beauty to northern Chile.
Photo by Justin Jensen/Flickr

“Desert” is a word that might conjure up the mental image of a golden plane of sand; a desolate landscape with a lone cactus reminding you of the pounding heat.  But desert terrain can be a place of great diversity.

In this week’s photo by Justin Jensen, the warm evening glow cast over Punta del Inca in Chile’s San Pedro de Atacama Desert reminds us of the beauty found in water-deprived environments. Outdoor enthusiasts can embark on a day-walk along the Punta del Inca trail, a route that follows a river’s course down through a lush ravine. Other Atacama Desert destination highlights include the alien-like landscapes of Valle de la Luna (Valley of the Moon) and stargazing on a tour of a local astronomical research center.

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