Photo of the Week: A Year’s New Morning at Qoyllur Riti


Photo of the Week: A Year’s New Morning

Señor de QoyllurityFaith, tradition and the light of a full moon guide these seekers of healing snow.
Photo by Omar Lucas/La Ceguera

Nearly ninety individuals of indigenous Peruvian descent climb down the snow covered mountain near Sinakara as part of the annual pilgrimage to the Sanctuary of Sr de Ccoylloritti. Every year this event, called Qoyllur Riti, takes place in May or June, depending on the Andean calendar and to coincide with the full moon. While close to 100 people make the midnight ascent to the top to retrieve snow that is believed to be medicinal, more than 100,000 come from all over Peru to join in the feast and dancing celebration, and kneel down in celebration of the first rays of sunlight as they pass over the horizon in the morning.”


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