Photo of the Week: Highland Custom

Sometimes the best photos are captured in silent observation
by Britt Fracolli

From famous landmarks to remote villages, photographer Ana Castañeda Cano has been all over Peru and documented her travels in beautiful photographs. This week’s photo takes us to the town of Cajamarca in the northern highlands of Peru where she visited in 2009.

Sometimes the best photos are captured in silent observation. Ana artfully took this photograph of a local resident entering her home with the food to feed her animals strapped to her back.

The magnificent colonial architecture of Cajamarca is on display in the city’s Plaza de Armas.  Other destination highlights of this region include The Inca’s Baths hot springs and its annual Carnival celebrations. Local farmers take advantage of the fertile soil in the surrounding countryside to grow crops and raise  livestock, so it’s no wonder the city is well-known for producing fine cheeses and diary products.

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