Photo of the Week: New Perspective


Photo of the Week: New Perspective

La Paz, Bolivia, Latin America For LessDiscover the many sides of La Paz , Bolivia.
Photo by Boris G./Flickr

This week photographer Boris G. reminds us that taking an unexpected turn can help you gain new perspective, as he presumably did while wandering the streets of La Paz in Bolivia. In his photo, the towering peak of Illimani in the distance  is framed by a street lined with colorful houses and local businesses. Moments like these are often overshadowed by popular attractions, but can be equally as memorable. 

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La Paz, Bolivia, Peru For LessClick here for a larger view.
The colorful urban sprawl of La Paz.
Photo by Boris G./Flickr

La Paz, Bolivia, Latin America For LessSky meets cityscape.
Photo by Boris G./Flickr

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