Photo of the Week: Arctic Cuddle

Read more about these cute baby gentoo penguins in Antarctica.
Two young penguins stand together in front of an adult penguin in the Antarctic
These cute little penguins are ready for their Arctic cuddle. Photo by SF Brit/Flickr

In January 2010 travel enthusiast SF Brit went to Antarctica and fulfilled his dream of visiting every continent. “It’s a truly amazing place, like no other I have traveled to,” he said. “And it was full of great photo opportunities!”

On his Arctic adventure he captured this endearing photograph of these baby gentoo penguins, a moment too cute not to share with our fellow travelers. It looks like the little chick on the right might have just finished eating and food comma had already set in: We predict a nap was in its near future.

“If this picture doesn’t make you want to save the environment, then nothing will!” said photographer SF Brit.

Gentoo Penguins are one of the 6 species of penguins found in Antarctica. Chicks, like the ones in this week’s photo, will grow a white spot on their head that sets them apart from other types of penguins. Each year adult gentoos return to the same place where they reproduce and raise their young. If luck is on their side, the two eggs will stay warm and dry and their chicks will mature into healthy adults.

Fun fact: Penguins can swim up to 30 miles per hour.

Many travelers take a cruise through Antarctica via Argentina to experience the beauty of its frozen landscapes and photograph Arctic wildlife. Call our team of travel experts for more information and we’ll help you get there.