Photo of the Week: Colorful Exploration


Photo of the Week: Colorful Exploration

Colorful Market, culture, Latin America For LessExplore new sights, sounds and smells at a local market.
Photo by Jacson Querubin/Flickr

There is a good chance you’ll come across a local market during your South American exploration. These markets, like the one in this week’s photograph, is a unique opportunity to experience the local culture and buy souvenirs to share with friends back home.  Small stalls selling local products and fresh produce line endless rows of the market while people go about their daily routine. After asking a local vendor the name of an exotic new fruit, consider trying a taste. 

The stylized images by photographer Jacson Querubin offer us a glimpse of daily life in South America and other more iconic destinations.

Machu Picchu, Peru For LessMachu Picchu, Peru

Nazca, Peru vacations, Peru For LessNazca Lines, Peru

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