Photo of the Week: Living Culture

This week's photo reflects the cultural vibrancy of Peru's past and present.
Two men dressed in intricately designed, colorful clothing with red hats holding a carved object.
Experience the cultural vibrancy of Peru. Photo by M+M Photographers/Flickr

The rich culture of Peru is intertwined with its past and present. Archaeological ruins that date as far back as pre-Inca civilizations match the vibrancy of traditional clothing and local celebrations, creating a unique environment for travelers to experience the country’s culture. This week’s photo takes us to the streets of Cusco where men dressed in festive costumes reflect the country’s Andean culture.

More reflections of Peru’s cultural vibrancy

The culture is prevalent in …

Cusco architecture, Cusco, Peru, Peru For Less

…its architecture…

Cusco Plaza, Peru, Peru For Less

…on a stroll through Cusco’s central plaza

Machu Picchu, Peru, Peru For Less

…on a visit to Machu Picchu

Titicaca souvenirs, Lake Titicaca, Puno;Peru For LessAll photos by M+M Photographers/Flickr

…and in the souvenirs sold at Lake Titicaca.

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