Play Me, I’m Yours : Famous pianos touchdown in Lima

For a limited time only, Play Me, I'm Yours street pianos are available to play in Lima for free.
Reflect on all those hours of paino lessons you took as a child. Photo by Andrea/StreetPianos

There are currently 20 pianos located throughout Lima, Peru that are available for members of the public to play and enjoy for free, but only for a limited time. These eclectically decorated pianos are apart of the internationally recognized Play Me, I’m Yours art project that’s meant to bring residents and visitors of urban communities together.

The tale of the Play Me, I’m Yours pianos

Play Me, I’m Yours was created by British artist Luke Jerram who observed the need to bring city residents together.

Play Me, I'm Yours creator Luke Jerram with a pianoMeet Luke Jerram, the creator and British mastermind of the Play Me, I’m Yours art project.
Photo by Luke Jerram

“I suddenly realized that within a city, there must be hundreds of these invisible communities, regularly spending time with one another in silence. Placing a piano into the space was my solution to this problem, acting as a catalyst for conversation and changing the dynamics of a space,” said Jerram.

The first group of Play Me, I’m Yours pianos visited the streets of Birmingham, UK, for three weeks in 2008. Since then, the project has reached over 4 million people from around the globe!

Play Me, I'm Yours on tourDuring its international tour, the Play Me, I’m Yours project stopped in Cambridge.
Photo by Claude Schneider Photography

The popularity of Play Me, I’m Yours can largely be attributed to its effective social media campaign that has successfully connected its worldwide participants. While the pianos are available for people to play and listen to in real time, the public can also engage with the project online. Project fans are encouraged to post photos, videos, and comments on the Play Me, I’m Yours website to share their experience with others. An interactive map of all the piano locations for each city is also available. Additionally, Facebook and Twitter announcements call attention to upcoming events and project updates.

Peru’s turn to play

Lima is now apart of the growing international legacy of worldwide cities that have commissioned the Play Me, I’m Yours artwork. Sao Paulo, Brazil, and Santiago, Chile, are the only other South American cities to have hosted the project.

The pianos arrived in Lima on April 10th and were installed in various locations throughout the city. (Click here for a map of the Lima locations.) A majority of the instruments are currently hosted in the city’s Miraflores, Barranco, and San Isidro districts.

Each of the 20 pianos in Lima sport a unique design that was created by local artists and community organizations. Specific information regarding its artistic intervention is available on the project’s website.

Play-Me-Im-Yours-piano-in-the-Miraflores-in LimaZebra-like patterns inspire the melodies of its players.
Photo by Luis Miguel Llanos/ StreetPianos

Location: Parque Amor, Malecon Cisneros, Miraflores
Decorated by: Patrick Tschudi
Hours of enjoyment: Mon-Sun, 7am -10 pm

Painos on display throughout the world, and now in LimaLocated in city parks and street corners, the Play Me, I’m Yours piano project is now visiting Lima!
Photo by Luke Jerram (Cambridge 2012)

Location: Obelisk – Av San Martin Saenz Peña Avenue, Ravine, Barranco
Decorated by: Cristina Planas
Hours of enjoyment: Mon-Sun, 7am -10 pm

Play Me, I'm Yours piano in the San Isidro district of LimaOpportunity for colorful artistic expression await you on the streets of Lima.
Photo by Julio Calderon/StreetPianos

Location: The Begonias, next to Saga Falabella, San Isidro
Decorated by: Peru School of Fine Arts
Hours of enjoyment: Mon-Sun, 7am -10 pm

Lima residents and visitors will be able to play and enjoy the musical melodies of the Play Me, I’m Yours pianos until Saturday, May 10th. If you’re in Lima, be sure to visit one of these pianos before time runs out.