Luggage Scale Review: Never Pay Overweight Baggage Fees Again

Will your luggage meet the airline’s weight restrictions?

Each step in the airport check-in line brings you closer to what I like to call “Traveler’s Judgement Day”. After handing over your travel documents at the counter, it’s time to put your bags on the scale. There are two scenarios: your luggage meets the airline’s weight restrictions or you have to pay those dreaded overweight baggage fees.

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Luggage Scale Introduction
Putting It to the Test

Luggage Scale Introduction

Being told that you have to pay for your luggage to fly is not what you want to hear before you board your flight. This is particularly true for an international trip when the cost of airfare is already so expensive. But with a little advanced planning and the aid of a Precision Voyager Digital Luggage Scale by EatSmart, you may never pay overweight baggage fees again.

Luggage scaleSimple and effective.

The Voyager Luggage Scale is a digital scale is easy to use. Clip its buckle around the luggage handle and press the ON/OFF button. The scale is ready for use when its screen is blue and displays 0.0 (lb or kg). Then, gripping both hands firmly around the scale’s handle, lift the luggage off the floor and hold it steady. The scale beeps twice when the bag’s weight is determined.

Putting It to the Test

I put the Voyager Luggage Scale to the test on a recent flight between the United States and Peru.

During my trip to visit family in California, the clothes and knick knacks that I collected piled up and I knew I’d be cutting LAN’s 50 lb bag limit very close. Instead of running the risk of having to shift the weight between my bags at the front desk check-in counter or worse, pay the dreaded overweight fee, my friend suggested the purchase of a luggage weight scale.

An assortment of luggage scales are for sale at Best Buy (in California). But the durable design of the Voyage Luggage Scale and its mid-range price tag caught my attention.  I bought mine for about $25 at Best Buy. For slightly lower prices, I suggest searching for the luggage scale online at Amazon or ebay.

luggage scale in kg and lbKG or LB. You choose.

In addition to its easy-to-use design, the scale’s UNIT button can calculate weight in both pounds and kilograms – up to 110 lbs or 50 kgs. For a person such as myself that thinks in pounds, these different measurement options are particularly helpful when traveling to countries that use the metric system.

We’re all guilty of leaving the places we visit with more than what we arrived with. This added weight means there’s a higher risk of encountering issues on your return flight. So instead of leaving it at home, take the scale with you on your trip.