Top 10 scenic hotels in Latin America

Enjoy comfort with beautiful vistas while enjoying a stay at one of these hotels!
The beautiful scenery of Colca Canyon, Peru
The beautiful scenery of Colca Canyon

Enjoy comfort with beautiful vistas while enjoying a stay at one of these hotels!

1. Argentina, El Calafate: Eolo

Located a mere 450 miles (725 km) from the southern tip of the world, Eolo Lodge is a drop of refinement clinging to the wild, rugged steppe of Argentina’s Patagonia. The 17 room estancia-style lodge is fitted with a whitewashed exterior that matches the distant ice capped peaks, but blazes defiantly against the 9,885 acres (4,000 hectares) of burnished La Anita Valley landscape. Large windows offer astonishing views of the desolate landscape, but to truly appreciate the sweeping isolation, hop on a horse, gallop across the void and experience a real Patagonia travel adventure.

Argentina, El Calafate: Eolo

2. Peru, Puno: Isla Suasi

Isla Suasi, a private island ringed by the pristine waters of Lake Titicaca, tempts visitors with its stunning scenery, lulling isolation, and five star eco-resort. Isla Suasi, the only accommodation on this serene island, is an indulgent treat of rustic luxury, outdoor adventure, and culinary delight. Its 24 rooms contain cloud-like beds, wood burning fireplaces, and panoramic lake views. Cozy up under the covers, meanderer the cobblestone courtyards, or explore the rugged island outskirts; wherever you go, the view will follow. Explore this spectacular region in style on your Lake Titicaca tour.

Peru, Puno: Isla Suasi

3. Chile, San Pedro de Atacama: Alto Atacama Desert Lodge

The Atacama Desert is the driest place on earth, but don’t let that stop you from visiting Alto Atacama Desert Lodge, because its barren, rain-deprived landscape is one of the most stunning and humbling places in the world. The Lodge is so skillfully designed that it seems to merge with the rust-colored Salt Mountain Range, concealing the hotel’s interior modern luxury.

Chile, San Pedro de Atacama: Alto Atacama Lodge

4. Ecuador, Baños: Luna Runtun

No place is better for soaking up the scenery in Baños, Ecuador, than Hotel Luna Runtun. The picturesque mountaintop cottage complex faces the mighty Tungurahua Volcano and the verdant Llanganates National Park. Lavish pools and spas carved into the cliff overlook the town below, creating the elevated aura of a Mount Olympus playground with Greek god guests lounging in luxury. Enhance your Ecuador vacation with a stay at this excellent hotel.

Ecuador, Baños: Luna Runtun

5. Brazil, Ilha Grande: Pousada Naturalia

Surrounded by lush rainforest and lapping azul waters, a stay at Pousada Naturalia Hotel is like accepting a hug from Mother Nature. Bask on your balcony or lounge in your hammock and remind yourself that the tranquil island’s scenery isn’t a postcard, it’s real.

Brazil, Ilha Grande: Pousada Naturalia

6. Peru, Machu Picchu: Sanctuary Lodge

Machu Picchu. Need we say more? One of the 7 New Wonders of the World, Machu Picchu is the most spectacular historical destination in South America. Secluded and separated from modern development by a laborious trek and imposing mountain peaks, the site remains as impressive now as it was decades ago. Only one hotel, the Machu Picchu Sanctuary Lodge, neighbors the citadel.

Peru, Machu Picchu: Sanctuary Lodge

7. Costa Rica, Arenal: Arenal Observatory Lodge

Experience a bedroom eruption like none other at Arenal Observatory Lodge, one of the most luxurious Arenal hotels. Here guests can lounge in bed and admire the active Arenal Volcano, just two miles from the hotel, as it seeps glowing lava and puffs black smoke.  Now that’s hot.

Costa Rica, Arenal: Arenal Observatory Lodge

8. Peru, Puno: Libertador Lake Titicaca

Watch the sun creep over the horizon and crawl across the calm waters of the highest navigable lake in the world, turning the already vibrantly-colored waters into a sparkling sapphire sea. Hotel Libertador rests on the shore of Isla Esteves on Lake Titicaca. Its 123 rooms are all luxurious with elegant décor, but no man-made design can compare to the natural display flaunted just outside the panoramic windows.

9. Argentina, Iguazú Falls: Sheraton

Guests at the Sheraton Iguazú Resort can marvel at the mighty Iguazú Falls, hear its roaring torrent, and almost taste the spray, all without leaving their room. Tucked inside the Iguazú National Park, this large and luxurious hotel is only a mile from the waterfalls and walking distance from all of the park’s exciting attractions.

Argentina, Iguazú Falls: Sheraton

10. Peru, Colca Canyon: Colca Lodge

At Colca Lodge, a glance out your window is a time machine back to ancient times. Situated in a river valley ringed by pre-Inca agricultural terraces, this luxurious nature-inspired lodge is an ideal place to experience an exciting Colca Canyon tour. Relax in natural hot springs and admire how the hotel’s adobe walls, thatched roofs, and stone pathways harmonize with the agrarian landscape.

Peru, Colca Canyon: Colca Lodge

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