Traveler Review: A journey through the Atacama Desert

Rosemary and Lonnie share their travel experiences and photos from the driest desert in the world!
Two women stand in front of several rock formations in the Atacama Desert.
Journey through Chile's Atacama Desert, the driest desert in the world. Photo courtesy of Rosemary J.

Our team at Latin America For Less loves when travelers share their experiences and photos with us! So, you can only image how thrilled we were to hear from Rosemary and Lonnie who recently returned from a whirlwind tour of northern Chile through the Atacama Desert. Thanks to the expertise of their travel advisor, Kelly C., they enjoyed their adventure to the world’s driest desert.  

A journey through the Atacama Desert

“Hi Kelly,

The trip was great!  The Atacama exceeded my expectations – it was a huge and diversified area that was just incredible.

Everything went according to plan. People always met us when they were supposed to and the weather was beautiful the entire time we were there. The hotels, especially the one in San Pedro de Atacama, was great!

The tours were good. Our tour guide on the last day, Marilyn, was so interesting and we had the best time with her.

You did a great job of managing everything. It’s always a pleasure to work with you.

Thanks again for another great adventure.

Rosemary J.”

Photo tour: Looking back on their desert exploration

Rosemary and Lonnie shared some of their travel photos that illustrate the wide variety of scenic landscapes they encountered in northern Chile. travelers-taking-a-picture-in-the-Atacama-DesertThe dry river bed in the background is proof of the very dry conditions.
Photo courtesy of Rosemary J.

travelers-taking-a-pictures-in-Atacama-Desert-ChileRosemary and Lonnie pose with some of the odd rock formations in northern Chile.
Photo courtesy of Rosemary J.

Atacama Desert in ChileExplore archaeological remains on your desert tour.
Photo courtesy of Rosemary J.

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