Traveler Review: A Well Orchestrated Escape


dressed up in CuscoNow there are some travelers with some amazing Cusco-style class!
All photos provided by Barbara and Doug H.

To our delight, Barbara and Doug H. from California shared not one, but three awesome photos with us from their Peruvian escape. The couple and their buddies described the trip that travel advisor Rylee M. planned for them as fantastic and well orchestrated, from start to finish. Read more about the highlights of their experience to Peru’s hot-spots, Lima, Arequipa, Colca Canyon, Puno, Cusco and Machu Picchu. If anything, the big grins on their faces in the photos make it evident that it’s definitely a trip they’ll be talking about for years to come!

Barbara, Doug and Friends Take on Peru

“Hi Rylee,

The trip was fantastic! I was very impressed with how well everything was orchestrated, and Peru is a fantastic country to visit with such diversity and a rich history!

Everyone we had contact with was so helpful and polite. Really no complaints at all. Not having to worry about transportation as we went through different cities and places was a big bonus. I also enjoyed having tour guides who were locals because they really knew their stuff.

I loved the Posadas jungle lodge and its concept.  The staff there was nice enough to take us to downtown Puerto Maldonado and let us walk around a bit before transferring to the lodge. The return trip back leaving the Posadas hotel to catch our flight back went like clockwork- no wait time at all to get transferred to the airport.

We had a lot of fun and thanks again for answering all of my questions and arranging everything! I would recommend Peru for Less to others.


2 more postcard perfect views!

Machu Picchu visitUno…dos…tres! Say “Machu Picchu”!

in company of llamasThere’s no such thing as bad company in Peru.

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