Traveler Review: Patagonia wildlife extravaganza

Read more about Patty and Mike J.'s adventure to southern Argentina!
Observing sea lions on a visit to Peninsula Valdez in Argentina Photo courtesy of Patty and Mike J. 

Patty and Mike escaped the chilly February temperatures in their home state of Minnesota to experience summer in the southern hemisphere. Ryan C., an experienced travel advisor at Latin America For Less, helped the couple organize a recent trip to Patagonia in southern Argentina, an adventure filled with plenty of wildlife!  Read more about the highlights of their trip and check out the travel photos they shared with us!

A wildlife extravaganza

Latin America For Less booked our recent trip to Argentina. Thanks to their team we had an amazing and stress free trip! All our travel arrangements, from airport and hotel pickups to every tour, were taken care of and always on time.

Our travel advisor, Ryan C., was extremely helpful and followed through with all of our questions and accommodated special requests.

Pertito Moreno Glacier, Patagonia, Latin America For LessTake in the grandeur of the Perito Moreno Glacier in southern Argentina.
Photo courtesy of Patty and Mike J.

Arriving in the country we flew to El Calafate where we visited the Perito Moreno Glacier and did some day treks. We spent a few days in this area and stayed at Hotel Kosten Aike, a very nice hotel that’s perfectly located in the town. This region of Patagonia is extremely beautiful and we saw some good wildlife. Trekking Cerro Frias was enjoyable: We wish we could have spent more time hiking in the area because there are so many nice views!

We then flew north to Puerto Madryn and visited Peninsula Valdes. This part of Patagonia is very different and we saw a lot of marine wildlife, such as sea lions, penguins, and dolphins.

sea lion, Argentina, Latin America For LessA sea lion cruises by in the waters surrounding Peninsula Valdes.
Photo courtesy of Patty and Mike J.

I recommend the Peninsula Valdes tour, during which we got to see a variety of wildlife, and get out and walk around.

penguins, Argentina, Latin America For LessWalk with penguins in southern Argentina.
Photo courtesy of Patty and Mike J.

We also took a tour of Punta Tumbo, the home of the Magellan penguins. It was very interesting seeing them in their natural habitat and amazing how many are at that location.

I would definitely recommend the services of Latin America For Less for help planning a customized trip that works best with your schedule and interests. We used them on a previous trip to Brazil and were impressed, so we worked with Latin America For Less again for our recent Argentina trip and we were not disappointed.

Patty & Mike J.”

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