Traveler Review: An Absolutely Perfect Trip to Peru


Parque Amor in LimaEllen and Mike posing with the tiled-artwork of  Parque del Amor in Lima, Peru’s capital city.
Photo courtesy of Ellen and Mike H.

In company of their camera, Ellen and Mike embarked on an exploration to some of Peru’s most notable highlights. Their journey began with an introductory tour of the country’s capital city of Lima, before flying southeast to Cusco.  It was a trip that the couple described as absolutely perfect!  They wrote Amanda, their expert travel advisor to thank her for helping them plan such a perfect trip and making such good recommendations. Continue reading to learn more about their trip highlights and how they stayed healthy!

Reflecting on Their Trip to Peru

“Hi Amanda,

There is a reason that you did not hear from us during our trip – namely, that everything went absolutely perfectly!

All of the Casa Andina Hotels were great, and the hotel staff everywhere were friendly and accommodating. The two “Private Collection” ones in Cusco and the Sacred Valley were much more rustic, and the grounds in the Sacred Valley just beautiful. We ate whatever we wanted in all of the hotels without any issues. (We used bottled water, of course, for drinking and brushing teeth.

We took your advice and only ate in restaurants & hotels: no food from street vendors, marketplaces, or small “hole in the wall” places. That was great advice!  We had no problems at all, but met some people who got sick from attempting to eat “on a budget”.

center of Lima in PeruExploring the center of Lima, Peru’s capital.
Photo courtesy of  Ellen and Mike H.

Our tours were wonderful! All of the guides were incredibly knowledgeable because they had lived in the areas they took us to all of their lives. Victor (in Lima), David (in Cusco), Eddie (in the Sacred Valley), and Janet (at Machu Picchu) all exceeded our expectations in every way. They also spoke English very well! We never had the feeling that they were just reciting “tour guide school” facts to us. They gave us a wealth of information about Inca and Andean people, places, history & ways of life – both in the past and present.

We really liked the fact that every tour guide had a driver, (except at Machu Picchu, of course). This allowed the guides to talk to us the entire time and point out things we passed, asking if we had questions for them along the way. Also, the guides were very aware that we were not used to the high altitude, and took care to strategically stop every so often to give us a chance to rest and catch our breath.

We did okay with the altitude. We didn’t experience any headaches or nausea. As advised by our doctor, we just took Advil every day. We got tired easily and felt a little shortness of breath, but that was to be expected. Fortunately, we didn’t experience sickness to the point of incapacitation! Oh, and we did drink a lot of water.

IFNot surprisingly, Machu Picchu was the highlight of their trip.
Photo courtesy of Ellen and Mike H.

Naturally, our favorite part of the trip was Machu Picchu. It was truly amazing and the best day by far. When we got there, we took one look, and thought, OMG, we will never be able to do this! But we did do it, thanks to Janet, our guide. I think we covered every square inch of that place! I know our tour was scheduled to be 2 hours, but she showed us around for more than 3 hours! Janet also had many photos and examples of other things in her backpack to show us and help explain things.

Another thing we really loved was the train! We noticed “Vistadome” on our itinerary for the last 5 months before our trip to Peru, but we did not realize what this was. The train was marvelous, and the panoramic views unbelievable! It seemed to be brand new: so clean, seats comfortable, and the meals served on both trips. We were not expecting this! Thank you for this. It was truly enjoyable.

As for the transfers services, all went exactly according to plan. We were always picked up on time. And the Peru For Less representatives were friendly and polite. The itinerary was exactly as we had requested. We, of course, wish we could have stayed a little longer!

looking down at Cusco, Peru Ellen and Mike’s only regret was not being able to stay longer!
Photo courtesy of Ellen and Mike H.

All in all, we had a wonderful experience. Thank you so much for planning our trip! You did a great job. It was nice that all the arrangements were taken care of ahead of time. The itinerary itself (in the PDF format) with every last detail included was exceptionally helpful. We saw so many other travelers with their info in the form of a few paragraphs….no comparison at all!

Thanks again for everything!

Ellen & Mike”

Plan Your Own Tour of Peru

Peru For Less offers a variety of tours to the country’s popular destination, including Cusco, Machu Picchu, Arequipa, and Lake Titicaca, to name just a few.  For a unique experience, call to talk with an expert travel advisor to plan a fully customized adventure.


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