Traveler Review: An Adventure These Travelers Describe as a Life Highlight


travelers at Huayna PicchuKarla and Jimmy strike a pose while hiking up Huayna Picchu at Machu Picchu.
Photo courtesy of Karla G. and Jimmy O.

There are certain life events that rank high in people’s memory banks. A first kiss. That crazy night in Vegas. The day you married the love of your life.  For Karla and Jimmy, a cute couple from Michigan, their trip to Peru last month was an experience that will go down in history as one of the highlights of their lives.  After touching down in Lima, they explored Cusco and the Sacred Valley. They even scheduled two days to gander Machu Picchu in all its glory! Read the kind words they shared with travel expert, Kendra D., who helped them plan their trip, in this week’s traveler review.

Traveler Review

“Hi Kendra!

I just wanted to write to tell you how much my husband and I enjoyed our trip to Peru. I am not overstating it when I say that we will remember this trip as one of the highlights of our lives.

Thank you so much for putting the wonderful itinerary together and for all your recommendations. Everything was awe-inspiring: the people, the culture,
the geography and the history.

Our tour guides were all great!! A special thanks for hooking us up with Eduardo in the Sacred Valley. His knowledge and passion for the region is fantastic.

Machu Picchu is a marvel. Beyond description. We climbed Huayna Picchu the second day and the view from the summit brought me to tears.

The hotels were amazing! We loved Andina Collection Sacred Valley…so peaceful. Inkaterra El Pueblo in Aguas Caliente was lovely, the perfect place to rest after visiting Machu Picchu. So glad we were able to stay for two nights.

And we are so thankful for your recommendation of Second Home Peru in Lima. Lilian was awesome and meeting her father Victor Delphin and staying in a
hotel that is essentially his gallery and workshop was absolutely magical.

We had one of our favorite meals ever at La Mar in Lima, among many other fabulous meals we ate in Peru.

Last but not least, we were so impressed with all the folks who were there waiting at every stop to debrief us or who picked us up to take us to our next
destination. We never had to wait or wonder what we needed to do next, which allowed us to just relax and enjoy everything.

You truly planned everything down to the last detail. Our deepest thanks for making our trip so special.

Karla G. and Jimmy O.”

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