Traveler Review: A Family Affair

"I am so glad I decided to get help with this trip. Silvana and Peru For Less allowed me to enjoy and not stress about the details!"
by Peru for Less

family visit to Machu Picchu in PeruA trip to Machu Picchu is surely an experience this family will never forget!
Photo courtesy of  Robyn H.

Planning a family trip to Peru can be an overwhelming experience, as mother, Robyn H., quickly discovered after looking into some of the travel logistics. But a lot of worry was taken off her shoulders once she contacted Peru For Less and started working with Silvana Z., an expert travel advisor. Taking the needs of each travelers into consideration, Silvana was able to orchestrate a beautifully planned trip for Robyn and her parents, husband, and three young children. After their fantastic trip, Robyn wrote to thank our team and shared an awesome family photo with us.

Planned to Perfection

“We just arrived back home after a fantastic trip to Cusco, the Sacred Valley, and Machu Picchu. This is a trip that we didn’t think would happen a year ago. My husband had a dream of hiking the Inca Trail with my father, but didn’t see it as the sort of trip we’d be able to pull off with the whole family in tow, including 3 children (ages 4, 8, and 10), and my mother, who’s not in the best health. After many emails and tweaking, Silvana came up with the perfect itinerary for our family. It allowed us to first spend time together, then split up while the men hiked the trail and the rest of us enjoyed more leisurely sightseeing, meet up again on top of Machu Picchu, and finally tour the Sacred Valley together, all over the course of 9 days, and all of which went off without a hitch. I usually plan all of our travel, but I am so glad I decided to get help with this trip. Silvana and Peru For Less allowed me to enjoy and not stress about the details.

The tour guides were also great. We usually do our own thing on trips like this, so I was a little worried about being stuck with a guide for hours on end, but it was totally worth it, from the perspective of the knowledge we gained and the experiences that we had “off the beaten track”, that we might not otherwise have had. Fabricio, our guide for both Cusco and the Sacred Valley, grew up in the Cusco area and had a passion for his subject, in spite of the fact that he does this every day, sometimes twice a day. He and Marco, our Machu Picchu guide, were both very professional, knowledgeable, personable, and flexible; adjusting our schedule to suit changing moods and needs in our big family. Their English was excellent, of course.

We will absolutely use Peru For Less again if we have the opportunity. Like others have said, I just wish they’d expand beyond Latin America and I’d let them plan all of my trips!

Robyn H.”

Experience a Tour of Peru

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